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December 15, 2006


On today's menu: The Arachnideer.

(Thanks to many people, first among them marva mauthe) (Really.)


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hmmmm where are the photos???

Doe a deer, a hermaphraditic deer....with manymany legs to runnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

....But aparently not enough to outrunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn a pickup truck...

some people will eat anything!!

extra drumsticks!

And now Mr. Lisko glows in the dark.

He can get rid of that tacky orange jacket now...

He said he slowed down as the buck and two does ran across the driveway Nov. 22, but the buck ran under the truck and got hit.

Coincidentally, Mr. Lisko was in a bar fight the night before. Reportedly, another lunatic drunken sot patron hit him in the fist with his face.

Hm. I posted this in the blog comments yesterday.

*snork* @ Siouxie's extra drumsticks. :-D

When you hit it with your pickup without leaving your driveway, can you use the term "bagged it?"

(Also, I'd be concerned about the nearby toxic waste dump.)

LBFF, absolutely, as long as its in truck season.

CH, no wonder this looked familiar...I'll give you credit!!!

funny story, in Norther New Brunswick ( the wilds of the canadian maritimes), my aunt was on the way to the dentist, in town, and happened to encounter (hit) a deer crossin the road... She did what any good redneck would do - got the bunjee cords out of the trunk, strapped the beast to her roof, and headed to the dentist!

I had a friend who did the same thing but made the near-fatal mistake of not making sure the deer was truly dead and not just stunned. Fifteen minutes down the road he was doing 35 on the higway with a very pissed-off buck cavorting on his hood. He had to stop and finish the job in the breakdown lane.

A few years ago, coming back from a marvelous anniversary vacation, Mrs. H. and I hit a deer, killing it instantly. Almost before we had come to a stop, the hunters in the cabin next to the road were out checking on us -- and asking whether we wanted the deer.

By the time our car had been strung up to be towed (it was nearly totalled), the deer was also strung up (she was totalled).

My sister was behind a car that hit a cow. The cow's last action was to uh 'empty itself' and my sister's car wound up covered. By the time we got it to a car wash it was nice and hard. Guy at the car wash asked 'What was that crap all over it?' Told him he guessed right the first time.

I have a similar "road kill" story. I passed a dead raccoon on the road the other morning (and no, *I* didn't kill it). I didn't stop to string it to the hood of my car. Should I have? btw...it was STILL there this morning. I guess 'coon meat ain't much in demand here in miami.

If you've ever lived in dairy country, you're familiar with the concept of a liqua-store pond - basically an artificial pond filled with liquid cow manure. Yes, it smells every bit as bad as you're imagining.

Now imagine peacefully driving down the road when a liqua-store pond fails next to the road.

Happened to a friend of mine in high school. She had to sell the car for scrap, between the damage from losing control in the slick, and the residual odor.

"Them's good eatin'!"

now had that coon been a brace of squirrels, i have a recipe.....

I should point out at this time that I was referring to Siouxie's comment, not CH's

I only regret that I told that story too late for most folks' lunch hour. ;-)

Siouxie, where was the racoon in its inflation-deflation cycle when last you saw it? My favorite stage is when the little legs are all sticking out funny all over it.

*was wondering, Hammie*

CH - ewww ewww ewww and ewww

I can't tell for sure cuz it's laying on the curb on a pretty busy street. This is the third day I go by it and it's starting to change coloring...like a brownish tone. Feet appear to be pretty stiff.

Ch, we used to refer to roadkill as Splacoons, splabbits, splogs, splats, splunks, etc.

Thought I'd better toss in this thread's mandatory
Link to The Goat so we can see if the vandals have been reading our suggestions in the previous thread.

You know, if you sum up all of our suggestions I believe the answer comes out "RPG" (Rocket Propelled Grenade).

Just saying, that's all.

Oh, and I think the 'only angle not covered' means going after the left rear leg - it's in the shadows for Kamera 2 and Kamera 1 is blocked by the P(arking?) sign.

LOL Ham!

here in Miami we have Splickens too.

I was thinking that, too, but if you look at the pictures along with the Bockkommitén's statement, they appear to be repairing the left front leg, which implies that this set of vandals was unaware of Kamera 2. (FWIW, that's a terrific pic of Anna Östman - what a cute smile she has!)

We might yet get to see some action.

see some action?? Anna looks a little too comfty in front of the camera (IYKWIM)

btw, have ya'll watched the short video clip on how they make the goat??it's pretty cool.

(that would be the way IN next year...be part of the construction crew)

clean hands, sorry, that doesn't count ;) 'cause we don't (always) see it. and believe it or not, there are a lot of people who read the blog but never read the comments.
anyway, marva sent it in wednesday.

there was a young man from Wisconsin
killed a deer that had poontang and johnson
he said with admiration
"if I had that configuration,
I'd stay at home and get it on, son."

Bravo, Mud!!!

judi, you mean we're being witty and clever for no reason???


CH?? I told you it wouldn't count...but nooooooo you had to byotch.

No worries, judi. :-)

But how could one read the blog and skip the comments? That's like going to an open improv in an all-body cast!

LOL mud!!!

Awesome, mud!

(I used to say that if I had a set of \\\\s, I'd never leave the house. But then I gained enough weight that I do have 'em, and it ain't pretty. Not. At. All.)

so yer a shut in now, clean?? hahah

uh..CH..thanks for the double simuls there but keep your \\\s away from my \\\s , will ya???

No, Kat, I avoid taking my shirt off, because I don't want the baby to get confused and wind up with hairballs.


Clean, I luv ya and all, but that I could have done without.

But then again, you did remind me as to why I enjoy being single. Thanks!

Yeah, I kinda grossed even my own self out with that comment. I think I'll crawl back under my rock for a while.

CH: did you switch medications or something? TMI my brother, TMI.

blech at hairballs..... shave yer chest, ch....

well, and keep the child away from yer... manlies...

KC Steve-Or we could just ram it with our pickups.

Shave my chest!!!?? Yer talking major surgery there! ;-)

Sorry for the TMI.

hmmm CH??

*has extra hot wax here*


So, uh, how about that goat??

I dunno, CH...that goat looks pretty hairy to me.

speaking of hairy...

Oooh, look, shiny!

saved by the post....


I like venision but theres no way I would have eaten this buck. I'm with Reddsuss. Something just ain't right. Although, if it had of been able to breed with the doe with the rack--might have been an interesting outcome.

I'm thinkin' Freemartin, here ... (on the variations of venison bein' able to procreate ... not likely, IMHO ...)

It's kinda like whut they say about gettin' old(er) ...

In old age (and mostly in mutations, as well), the mind is the second thing to go ...

I fergit whut the first is ...

Hammond' ... referrin' to the "inflation-deflation cycle" of CH ... once the critter is past that, we call 'em "Sail Critters" ... as in Sail Cat, Sail Skunk, Sail 'Coon ... 'cuz they're flat enuf to sail like a Frisbee™ ...

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