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December 15, 2006


(Thanks to Gary Meier)


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oh deer

White pulled out a handgun and fired one shot into Ransford's vehicle.

Maybe he was confused by the antlers?

that's just so prong...

Maybe the antlers and the crashing cars were just part of the mating ritual to be the leader of the herd.

I've always supported the right to arm bears. Deer, on the other hand, just don't seem to have the heart to take out a living creature.

Surely it's illegal to drive with antlers in Fort Pierce Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?

I always carry my trusty deer antlers in my car ...never know when I'll need to whack some old geezer that's driving too slow.

uh..I mean..who why can't people get along on the roads huh??

But why were the antlers in the car? Is that the latest rage in Florida--rather than fuzzy dice, you should have antlers hanging from your rear-view mirror?

Neither men suffered serious injuries.

So the brain damage was a pre-existing condition then?

*takes that who outta there*



Hey! No one is giving White credit for attacking with antlers *before* he went for his handgun. Is this really so different from just telling Bambi's dad to 'sic' em'?

Of course it is. Bambi's dad made smarter use of his testosterone.

Never take antlers to a gun fight.

Oh yes, I have the grill of my Toyota decorated with antlers & a big red bow...

Steve: How about gun mounted antlers?

acting like an ass
the american pastime
and i say: hee haw

don’t cut me off dude
you don’t know what body parts
i’m packing (oosik)

oosiks to the death
at twenty paces let’s go

The antlers are in lieu of the holiday wreath that I've seen on the grill of others' vehicles. Sheesh!

Officer, I can give you a description of the man. He was 6'4" about 200 pounds and he had a nice rack.

Officer, I can give you a description of the man. He was 6'4" about 200 pounds and he had a nice rack.

I recommend the antler dance defense if this ever gets to court.

EEEK! Dave, is your bot friendly?

And presumably, both already have Florida drivers licenses...

It's interesting to note that the reporter was thorough enough to let us know that one of the involved people had an answering machine and the other did not.

LOL @ Cheryl Howard's " ... nice rack ..." ...

Both times ...

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