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December 13, 2006


It's probably nothing.

(Thanks to Steve the 24 Guy)

UPDATE (thanks to Cheryl Howard): Maybe they were looking for a bomb.


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Baklava for everyone!!!

He was being stung WHILE giving the interview? Classic.

60 pound of honey isn't much for a colony that size. But it would take care of my morning toast for a few months. Or make a nice batch of mead.

First Bomb Squad Guy: This is the spot we got the tip on. Is the bee sticking its proboscis out?

Second Bomb Squad Guy: Its so small, its hard to tell. Let me get a closer look . . . OH GOD! IT STUNG MY EYEBALL! AAAAUGH!

First Bomb Squad Guy: We are gonna need backup.

DPC - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mead. excellent idea.

Am I the only one who thinks these people must be nuts? 3 million bees in their cabinet for HOW LONG????

They were just too lazy to tend to an outdoor hive.

Our EOD (bomb squad) guys wear T-Shirts that say:

If you see me running like hell...
It's probably a good idea to follow

*gives jar of honey to DPC*

Here ya' go, honey!

*goes back to whipping up baklava*

Buzzing sound? Punkin, is that you?

"So we're trying to, like, get rid of most of them, but without professional help we can't. So now we almost … They're biting me!'"

He waited TWO AND A HALF YEARS before trying to get rid of them? Talk about your slackers!

Maybe he thought they'd just buzz off or something.

Or just beegone? *groans at own pun*

Do they get to keep the honey?

60 lbs would make a VERY nice batch of mead - or five. (I like my mead a bit on the drier side, rather than Polish-style.)

CH - I usually go about 1# honey to 10# of water. Where does that fall on your sweet-dry scale?

More mead makers? Yay! We have two hives and and got 16 gallons of honey this year, enough for plenty of mead. Mr Artchick has started adding fruit from the garden, too: blackcurrents, elderberries, raspberries,mmm.

I use about 10-12 lbs for a 5-gallon batch. Since "a pint's a pound, all the world 'round," you're looking at something like 1/2 to 1/3 the honey I use.

That'll be pretty dry, if you don't arrest the yeast somehow.

Arrest the yeast? How do ya get the cuffs on those little suckers?

I just had a killer mead last weekend that a friend made, using (I think he said) 15 lbs of pumpkin honey - very distinctive!

Generally, you either raise the ethanol level beyond their tolerance (using vodka or other neutral grain spirits), or you add chemicals to your mead to knock 'em out.

Folks who come to mead from winemaking tend to use chemicals (they can't help themselves - it's how they think), where others might be inclined to let the yeast finish what they started, or stop them with ethanol.

Pumpkin honey?!! None of the bee-guys around me can make their bees be that faithful to a nectar source. I usually just end up with 'wildflower' honey.

I think this year's batch will be sweeter - about 1 in about 7 (maybe even 6). I'll be throwing in some oak (chips or board??), and I usually prefer just a bit more residual sugar to go with the oak (in grape product anyway). Lavlin K1-V yeast this year, if anyone cares.

VODKA! I'm for ANYTHING involving vodka!

mmmm black currants...used to have some of those, and a few of them go a long way.

Does getting bitten by a bee hurt?

Mead should have 3 (three) ingredients: honey, water and yeast. (If you are making a melomel or metheglin, that's fine but stick to fruit and spices.) Keep your chemicals in the lab where they belong. I always just let the yeast do its thing. If I want lower alcohol, I ask the yeast dealer for a strain that dies off at a lower alcohol concentration. Vodka is for Screwdrivers and xxxx Russians.

One time I was at a friend's making mead. It smelled so good! Unfortunately, the local bees thought so, too, and were going crazy trying to get in the house.

My oldest grandson used to complain about the monsters in the wall of his room at my mothers house. When she had the window replaced, the workers removed the old window and screamed when a swarm of wasps or yellow jackets (I don't remember now what they were) came out. There was quite the nest in the wall. What a mess.

Luckily the bedroom door was closed to keep the grandkids out, so the swarm went out the hole where the window had been. My husband and my brother removed the nest and the flying whatevers never came back.

That's a good yeast. I often use Montrachet, in spite of the foul sulphury odors it throws. I have a cyser I fermented on Montrachet about 8 years ago, and it is HEAVENLY!


Amen, brother! Sing it!

And beer should have 4 (four) ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast.


I like my mead rare wid grilled podadoes & carrods. YUM!

artchick: You have all those fruits IN YOUR GARDEN?? Sheesh. All we get here are mangoes and citrus.

A south Florida couple was happy TO NOT BE sharing...

Did I miss the new memo on split infinitives?

I have to admit, I like the climate here better than when we lived in Florida (and no mago poop on the lawn, either);-)

Whoops! toss an "n" into that mango tree, okay?

There is palpable tension in the room as the champion bomb-detecting bee defends his title...

"Enn, Eye, Tee, Are, Oh, Gee, Ell, Why........


Now had THAT been the source of my buzzing, I'd STILL be walking funny! (Not to mention all the honey that'd be dripping outta my arse.)

The best honey on the face of this earth is orange blossom honey from Florida. I do not love it enough, however, to hang around with bees for two years. At first bee sighting I would drop kick the unwanted visitors out the door.

Orange blossom honey makes a mighty fine, delicately-scented mead, yes.

But I have to say that, to my taste, the leatherwood honey from Tasmania is far more interesting.

I guess nobody cares for North American Pumpkinass Honey, eh?

Goes great w/ Santa's Butt!

YAY to Steve (T24G)!!!

UPDATE: YAY to Cheryl!!!

It's just that I've never tried pumkinass honey before. Nothing against it.

Does anyone else think that Tupelo honey is the worst tasting shiat on earth?

Earwig Alert: Who Can It Be Now?

What kind of bee is buzzing at my door?
Go 'way, don't you bite no more.
Can't you see that I'm not a hive?
I'm very tired, and all my posts are jive.
I've got no wish to be stung at home;
Stay away, don't you swarm on my phone!
Best off if you buzz outside,
Don't fly in - I'm not your bloody hive.

Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?

Who can it be buzzing at my door?
Make no sound, stingers cause pain and more.
If he stings, I'll be sick all day,
It has to hurt, and now I can't go play.
I've done no harm, keep your stings to yourself;
There's nothing wrong with your apiary health.
I like it here with my little winged friends;
But here they come, those swarming bees again!

Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?
Who can it bee now?

I'm not the man come to take you away
Why do you follow me?
It's not you future that I can see,
You just sting me nasty...

Oh...Who can it bee now?
Oh...Who can it...Who can it...(Ouch!)
Ow! Ow! Ow!

Siouxie--TY. TY very much. Its a good day (week, month) when one gets posted!

Okay, updates needed:
Siouxie, whats happening with your computer?
Wyo, a job offer?
Blurk, kicking the habit?
*waves to CJ as I smell like garlic*

Cheryl, I know it's a good day (week) when one is posted. I was honored to be posted once and then again two days later (3 times!!) I'm good for another year (uh...not really).

About the computer. I think my network is somehow blocking typepad. Either that or the stupid nazi wonderful bot has banned me from posting at work. I'm working on it. I would HATE to go back to doing actual work during the days. I miss you guys!!

Thanks, Siouxie!


Everyone better rev-up their blogging engines.... Two hour premiere on Jan 14th, and another two hour episode on Monday!

Update: Congrats, Cheryl! :-)

Thanks Steve!

Speaking of updates, I can't wait to start reading yours again!

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