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December 14, 2006


Fjuckby, by way of Krakanger.

(Thanks to Just Ducky)


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Congrats Ducky!

I only say that when I'm drinking!

Anybody else ever have Krakanger?


Fjuckby spontaneously and repeatedly leads to carnal activities between people and animals which breeds feelings of weariness, embarrassment and shame?


Quit doin it with animals or move to West Virginia where there seems to be no such feelings of weariness, embarrassment and shame.

Ojnce ijn aj wjhile bjaligjurl.

\\\"The word \\\'Fjuckby\\\' today appears to spontaneously and repeatedly lead to associations concerning certain carnal activities between people and between animals.

as opposed to certain carnal activities between people and animals??

*snorkj*@ fivverj!!

Sjhitby. Now where are we going to go for holiday?

oh and YAY Ducky!!!

Do you ever think of something really funny in your head and then you spend a lot of time typing it out just so and rearranging the sentences and you are so proud of yourself cuz you are just so so dang funny and you just know you are gonna get snorked, maybe more than once and then you hit the post button, giggling the whole time and everyone withing hearing range is prairie dogging you and giving you the stink eye, wondering what the heck you are working on that is so funny, and then you go back and read what you typed and it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER and you dont understand WHAT IN THE HE!! you thought was so dang funny to begin with and you just want to be able to hit delete delete delete and take it all back and never comment on the blog again cuz you are just such a dork and you just KNOW everyone is talking about you behind your back and wondering just what kind of mushrooms you have been eating?

Can you tell I had 2 more cupsa caffiene then I normally do this morning? Can you tell I don't know how to spell caffiene?

Good grief! Sounds like this deer could be associated with Fjuckby all by its lonesome!

*snork* @ casey, both her 1:50 and her 1:58. Go, caffeine!

casey, you need a gumball and some Krakanger!

psst...hey everyone...who's the dork who had too much caffeine? wonder what kinda mushrooms she's been eatin'?

Whew. Thank you. I feel much better.

Next year's hot Christmas toy: Fjuckby

Clean Hands

I saw that article. I think the key bits are:
"It was definitely a freak of nature," Lisko said. "I guess it's a real rarity."

And he ate it.

Ironicly the new name they have chosen is Shetonastik.

LOL Addicted

*snork* at addicted!

I'm blogbeaten two threads in a row... Cheryl's "Sjhitby" was too fast for me. Lucky for me there's a second part to my submission, something like "After determining that all Swedish names are inherently funny, the Town Council decided to emulate their American cousins and change Fjuckby's name to 'Intercourse, Pa, Sweden.'"

and may I say a hearty Fjuckby Yjou to the bot!!!

frickin' bot. Can't something be done about this? Cause I'm not having ANY fun today.

Almost snorked an ice cube at addicted's new name for the town.

That HURTS, you know....

At least they don't have a Bofokeng sporting arena.

good one addicted!

swedish indy movie : "I ♥ Fjuckaby's"

Casey, *SNORK*

keep drinking the coffee, it's workin' for ya, girlfriend! ;)

Also, *snork* at blurkie.

Sjhitby. Now where are we going to go for holiday?
Posted by: Cheryl Howard | 01:57 PM on December 14, 2006

Cheryl, you know, where we always go. Up Sjhit's Creek!

KDF, I tried to post on your blog yesterday but had problems and I'm too lazy to figure it out right now. Just wanted to tell you I stopped by and really enjoyed!

*snork* @ insom.


Thank you, Casey! You just made my day. And your post is there now -- it just waits for me to "approve comments." You know, to keep out the people who are related to me riff raff.

i cannot improve on this story, what has been said about it, etc. so i will just say thank you, snorks all around and "vomit regret" of course wbagnfa punk b.

...Good grief! Sounds like this deer could be associated with Fjuckby all by its lonesome!

What the Fjuckby! How did the guy every find hunting pants?

I bet residents of Fjuckby have trouble ordering merchandise from a catalog.

RESIDENT: "I live at 115 Mockingbird Lane, Fjuckby, Sweden."

SALESMAN: "Yeah right, and I have Prince Albert in a can!" *click*

I anger that I kraked.

I can't believe that no one has noticed that "Vomit Regret" would be a totally great name for almost anything!

This story hasn't been picked up by the Phuket Gazette yet.

swedish indy movie : "I ♥ Fjuckaby's"
I prefer the classics, insom.

Like "Fjucholas Fjuckelby."

Took me five minutes to figure out Addicted's suggested name. I definitely need some caffiene cafien kaff coffee.

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