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December 15, 2006


They're into clothes.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Guess that'll be the next thing on the runways in Paris and Rome.

I was gonna comment on the jacket (and who sits that close to the panda cage ANYWAY)...until I was distracted by the itty bitty baby panda, awww

wonders how long before he wants matching pants and shoes.

I guess black & white are "out" this season.

Howinhell does one earn a 4.6 GPA? I'm looking at the Miami Dade College ad, and the student they're featuring is listed as having a 4.6 GPA, where I thought that GPAs topped out at 4.0. WTFBBQ?

Oh, yes, dumbass sits next to panda pen, pays for his stupidity with his jacket. Those claws aren't just for show, ya know?

CH: obviously that student gave 110% to his or her studies. Duh!

CH- weighted classes are a wonderful thing-
/insert smugness here/
In high school I had a 4.3, or something like that

Bad Panda--that jacket will not match his shoes.

Goat Alert

Nothing is happening to the goat.

That is all.

CH, my daughter graduated with a 4.75 (weighted) GPA. All the AP courses and Honors courses help.

Ya know, I don't think it was the jacket he was after - I think he was tired of eating frikkin bamboo and wanted Chinese.

Wow, I never saw a panda move that fast or show that much purpose before. I guess like our exalted Blogster he is really into blue.


OK, if a toy company doesn't make and market stuffed animals that look like those baby pandas...they're missing out IMO.

Because I would seriously buy one.

Just saying this idiot was stooopid enough to sit that close. He's lucky he wasn't dragged through the bars.

Firewall got me but it sounds like some feller's jacket got et by a bar.

Stupid feller.

Clean Hands

You missed it! Symbolic Christmas Goat Survives Arson Attack in Sweden

Makes me wonder what the guy who captured him was wearing...

Crap, CH! Looks like the retardant is working.

*does not want to die without seeing the goat burn*

Well they make them, but it's loosing something in translation.

Darn them Flame retardants. Now I have to try something else. Maybe TNT will work.

wowsa!! FOILED!!

totally non-PC, not-to-be-taken-seriously humorous, self-deprecating remark, which is not intended to offend anyone nor cast asparagus at any person or groups of persons:

I admit feeling a little satisfaction in seeing the chinese fellow acting like a dumbass. With the great numbers of stories on this blog and elsewhere about westerners displaying the mental acuity of cheese by say, inserting an explosive device into thier rectum, or mating with the wrong species, etc. coupled with the tacit belief that we all share that asian people in general are just smarter than us, can make a person feel a little inferior. This video seems to indicate that the difference really is in appearance only. Our dumbasses are on display for the world to see, both in the media (Jackass) and in politics (pick your own party to jab at - I ain't here to pick a fight) while the chinese keep thier dumbasses under wraps, that is, until a bear rips the wrapping off.

Siouxie, I find it suspicious that this happened during the time that you "weren't able to blog."

Son of a gun!

...the overnight attackers managed to sneak past the cameras by coming in at the only angle the cameras did not reach.

Well, no wonder I missed it!

Bränna, bocken, bränna!

cotton... it's what's for dinner.

I'm amazed that any zoo would keep pandas within reaching distance of the public. Here at Zoo Atlanta I think they are hermetically sealed in an alternate universe.

*looks around innocently*

whatever are you implying, Ham??

Mud, I think that Rosie O'Donnell might agree w/you, this week...

Nothing at all. (Psst, Siouxie, you have soot on your forehead)

So, since gasoline doesn't work, what's next? Thermite?

My Swedish-speaking sister tells me that the ribbon being "smutty" is probably just an inadequate translation of smutsig, which means "dirty," rather than meaning that the tradition-followers vandals pasted porn to the goat's ribbon.

Where is DP Chris, by the way? Maybe it was a good translation...

...the overnight attackers managed to sneak past the cameras by coming in at the only angle the cameras did not reach.

This would seem to indicate an inside job, don't you think?


*wipes forehead*

how about some thing a bit more explosive?? if ya can't burn it...blow the fjuckby out of it.

*squeezes some and thing together*

Crud. I closed my strikeout twice, and my italics not at all. Thanks for fixing that up, Siouxie.

As I've observed before, TNT is a Swedish invention, as are matches.

Flamskyddsmedlet is apparently a current strength, though, dangit.

*mails Siouxie a phosphorous night flare*

That'll get that sucker burnin'.

Dang it! I missed the bocken sabotage. My life will not be complete until I witness the bocken burn!

Blurkie, check ur email.

Goat burners foiled. Fjuckby!

Next time they should sneak in disguised as Nobel laureates. Nobody'll suspect a thing...

Maybe they could dampen our bloodlust if they showed video of previous years' goats aflame. It'd make me feel better.

np, CH

blurk, thanks but won't they be able to see me coming a mile away???

When our family was in Chengdu, China while adopting our daughter we visited this place. It's the Wolong panda reserve. After seeing this video I can't believe it but we actually went into the cage and took a picture with the panda while they distracted it with some sugar cane. I'll find the picture to post this pm.


Talk about American's not having any brains. I'm certainly guilty. At least this guy stayed outside the cage. And of course each picture we snapped cost us $2.

This was back in 1997.

That's what the santa suit is for, Siouxie.

Good lord, some people are serious about this bocken thing.

damn, CH..I gotta dress up too?? I'll leave it to the professional arsonists then.

Well, I guess you could skip the clothes, leave your \\\\s hanging out, and thereby confound the Gavle police.

But it does get a little cold there.

DEAR GOD CH! my \\\'s would snap off!

All kidding aside...we are not the only ones obssessed with the sacrificing of the goat huh??

The Goat is 7/5 for surviving through Christmas?

Clean and Siou, I've gotten my kids and co-workers obsessed with the bocken. I want to know "why" everything, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I am so obsessed with the bocken. I look at it like 15 times a day! I haven't been sleeping worth a crap this week, so I am ashamed to admit, I have even looked at the bocken at like 3:00 a.m.

Is there something wrong with me? (Don't answer all at once). Is there like a some kind of 12 step program I can join or something? Will vodka aid me in my quest for a cure? Will vodka, a plane trip to sweden and dynamite aid me in my quest for a cure?

Casey: Yes. Definitely.

The Bockkommittén's take on last night's attack.

Casey, there is nothing that cannot be solved by the proper application of explosives.

casey, I'm a true believer that vodka will aid you in just about anything you want cured. As far as the obsession goes...who's to say it's not perfectly normal to want a straw goat to burn down to a crisp??

*lays on couch*

Dr. Ruth? Freud? Bueller?

oh...my bad...that should have said...brunt down.

Next year, I think the vandals should plant themselves inside the goat. Like a Trojan bocken!(Why does that sound faintly "off-color"? No matter.)

That way, like a victorious sports team, they can all-at-once break out of the bocken, thereby destroying it from the inside out. HA!

*changes his name to "bocken", grabs fifth of vodka and waits for 3am*

sweep sweep


blurk, you are too too funny.

Trojan Bocken? I LOVE IT!!

Snorks all around!

I believe if there were arsonists inside the bocken...they'd have been a bit starved by now...they would have had to crawl in there prior to it being displayed.

*must think of a way to keep cooler inside bocken*

Keeping your vodka cool won't be a problem, Siouxie.

Of course, if you brought a little space heater in with you, and it just happened to tip over, so long as you escaped, it'd be entirely an accident that the bocken burned, right??

(I'm thinking that the flamskyddsmedlet is probably applied from the outside... so an interior ignition point is somewhat more likely to be successful...)

CH - Almost fell out of my chair at the office the other day, when the Giant Goat appeared in the Dallas Morning News!

The Panda could have picked a way cuter coat. Just saying-

I'm thinking that maybe next year, I should plan to make my own goat. Then I can burn the thing without any damn flamskyddsmedlet meddling. (Of course, the city fire department would probably have an unkind word or three for me.)

THAT's what I was thinking too, CH! is has to be a inside job.

CH & Blurk Thanks for the help w/italics. I wuz gettin' dizzy. (more so than usual, I mean)

I think the cooler and the space heater sound like good possibilities.

(I'm having a lot of trouble posting today. I'm getting the bot often, and then "page not found.")

Of course, a road flare or ten shoved deeply into the straw might also work. Soak the straw pretty heavily with gasoline first, of course... just to be certain.

shove it up the bocken's buttken?

Lisa, I think the nazi bot is out to get us...I'm still having to type that stoopid crap.

The bot has been getting into the eggnog, IYKWIM. Curse the bot! Curse the bot to ride the bocken into flaming oblivion!

CH-Or you could get a piñata shaped like a goat and then film it to look like it was really big. Then you could set fire to it and post it on your blog. That way, everyone gets the visual payoff without the inconvenience of burning your house down.

Shame on that man, even the panda knew that polyester is a fashion faux pas (paw) tee hee

That was an astonishing video. We certainly have a different attitude towards public safety over here. I can not imagine a zoo in this country or Europe that would allow visitors to get close enough to touch the cage of any animal. Usually there is a hand rail, if not a moat. This is to protect the animals from illness as well as to protect people from bites and scratches.

The panda aimed for a darker blue jacket at first then changed his taste to denim, it appeared....

So ... checkin' the scientific info ... as I wuz rememberin' ... way back when I wuz in grade skul ... (another century, another millenium) Pandas were classed as members of the Raccoon family ... now I see that biology geeks have moved them over into the Bear family ...

Is this somehow related to the demotion of Pluto from its (former) rank as a planet?

Merely ... wonderin' how science can keep changin' the rules ...

In a post about Pandas, nobody has pointed out that they are actually not bears, but giant possums.

For a nice, safe look at pandas, check out:


There's a baby panda (about half the size of his momma), and he's so cute!

They're supposed to only eat bamboo, but with those claws and that strength, I wouldn't turn my back on them if they could reach me.

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