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December 18, 2006


...give the gift of whale vomit.

(Thanks to Geoff Butler)


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What, like my annual contribution of my own vomit isn't enought?

I guess if you got if from a whale you had given the heimlich maneuver to, maybe. . . Nah, it's still disgusting.

a timeless statement...
petrified squid beaks...
show her that you really care...
a vomit for the ages....

because “we don’t keep a certified whale-vomit expert on staff.”

So where do I go for the training, and how much can I expect to make my first year?

An orcan hairball
Or is it just more faux puke?
Ask an old sailor.

disgusting crap is disgusting crap, no matter how much it is worth, take Paris Hilton...please!

People who work the roller coasters at Six Flags get to be vomit-experts, and some of those people are pretty big. Maybe they'd know.

Petrified Whale Spew...agnfa punk b?

I am sorry honey but this is a lot more fun than a Wii or Playstation 3.

Heirloom Whale Barf WBAGNFA Punk B

"Class, your challenge to do is to write a G-rated sentence using the words sperm and spew."

Mr. Galcik, 80, concluded that the mysterious gift might be ambergris, the storied substance created in the intestines of a sperm whale and spewed into the ocean.

*kicks gravel* "Oh, sure, Geoff Butler gets crdit for sending this in..."

BTW - Big amberigi are worth 100s of thousands of $$$.

*Kicks gravel back at Brainy* ... what, my "Christmas Wish of the Day" wasn't a catchy enough email headline?

Guin - I wasn't kicking gravel AT you. Sorry if it hit you, though. Just meant as an "Aw, shucks" visual. Props to you and all.

key quote: "I found it on the beach in Montauk 50 years ago and just kept it around"

boy, i thought I had a cleaning problem!

if this doesn't make for a great mystery novel by dave or carl hiaasen i don't know what does... shady charachters killing each other for antique whale secretions....

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