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December 20, 2006


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Stooooopid firewall...

I SOOOOOO wish that streaming content were not filtered.

Was that the right video? I work in an office, is that why I didn't find it funny???

Oh my gosh!!!! THAT'S ME!!!

hamsters are inherently funny

just sayin

Me thinks that Clair person could send Dave a link to a picture of a turnip and he'd post it.

Hamster astronaut training?

Humor... Aha... I get it. Funny.

Now back to my cubicle.

Really glad that I have massive self-control when warned. Otherwise, my computer - and my boss - would be wearing a fresh coat of hot coffee.

OOOOHHHH!!!! Now I get it...Still not funny...
(Goes back to gnawing on the bars of my cage)....
(I meant cubicle)

We don't get soft wood shavings, just ugly carpet glued to a concrete slab.

HAHAHA! I think it's funny. And I work in an office. But my name is not Anybody.


Why am I laffing? That's life! (Sorta reminds me of a week ago, Monday ...)

And y'all know whut they say about life ... Ferret Snot!!!


how true it is....

water bottle drips
poop scent masked by cedar curls
wheel goes round and round

whiskers twitch, ears perk
blog snork propels a loud fart
damn prarie doggers

cubicle dwellers
beware the corporate world
will whirl till you puke

Damn you office firewall. My I need to find a new office.

I guess this is an illustration of the saying:

Sometimes you are the wheel, sometimes you are the hamster.

That just proves that you can't just stop. Try, and you'll find you're just going around and around.

i know that guy.

That hamster is having a lot more fun than I am.

"What goes up, must come down
Spinning wheel, round and round
Talkin' bout your troubles,
It's a cryin shame
If you're not a hamster they all look the same..."

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