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December 20, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I prefer chocolate...pudding ;-)

This comment verification program is getting tiresome. I feel like I'm ordering mass quantities of Heat tickets.

Pudding is good, too. I'd be willing to lick that off help clean up after a pudding match.

sorta like mud..but tastier right??

It had better be a good flavor, ec!!! I have 21,128,000 servings of it ready!

How do you know how many servings you've had when you are


helping clean up?

if you have to ask...

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a pudding covered blog beauty?




Uhm... difficult question, DPS. Measure it by the champagne glass?

it would depend on the glass...champagne (B's) or bucket (D's)

blurk...just three???? THREE?????

Gene Simmons-sized tongue, I guess.

Notice the dots, Siouxie.

They signify on and on and on and on...

You get the picture.

I guess we could just redefine the terms.

One serving is the amount clinging to a hot bloggerette post match.

ah...did not see the dots...

carry on then.

I did some research.

Chris, doesn't pudding usually slide off something hot?? not sure much would be clinging...

just sayin'

Depends how you define 'hot'.

And the bloggerettes will still need to be cleaned up.

[Why am I in this wacky mood? Oh, that's right. It's HUMP day.]

Hm. Then, just running through some more calculations here...

Average surface area of a "hot bloggerette" is taken to be approximately 1.6 m²; assume an average 2 mm coverage (obviously, unevenly distributed), for a total volume of 3,200 cubic mm. Surprisingly, this translates to just over a tenth of one cubic ounce per post-match hot bloggerette; since a nominal serving size of lime jello is four ounces, this means that it will take forty post-match hot bloggerettes to deliver one normal serving.

Math is Delicious!!!

What is my problem lately with html?
Here's my research.

*snork at DPS*
*liking him "wacky"*

um...hate to break it to ya CH...but we've decided on chocolate pudding.

hump day?? no wonder.

Of course, on the downside (????), we'll have to have 422,560,000 matches to clean up after, assuming just two hot bloggerettes per match.

This might take a while.

Note the jello in the photo is lime!!!

Oh, come on! What am I going to do with this pool full of lime jello?

LOL Annie!

oh and I thought ec said...licking him 'wacky'

HUMP day indeed!!!

*fans self*

Annie, that site requires deeper research... there are photos?

I'll be in my bunk.

At that rate y'all are going to have very tired, swollen tongues...
just sayin'

Siouxie, again - WAKE UP!!!
Sheesh, if I have to get out of this chair & come over there...

ec - yes, I was thinking of you when I saw it.

Ith thokay! I can make the thacrifthith!!

ec...all this talk about pudding and clean up...etc...has me a bit woozy.

tired and swollen? maybe...but ya forgot extremely happy also.

i hope you all have noticed and admired my restraint in not jumping on all the various comments (after the first one) about mud wrestling, mud in the face, the taste of mud, etc. hell, i'm impressed.

*super size snork at CH*


yes mud...we are impressed ;-)

what's that saying??

bring me your tired and swollen??

mud, we just thought you were sittin' all catatonic like with your eyes glazed over.

First, CH - your calculations to not take into account places where "buildup" may occurr. What those places are is left as an exercise for the reader.

Second - I am willing to clean up after jell-o or pudding. I'm flexible. And so is my tongue.

Which brings us to
Third - For any number of reasons (some of which I can mention in public: I play trumpet), my tongue is up to the challenge.


*a trumpet player - hm-m-m, strongest tongue in the orchestra. ec's in serious lust, now*

Siouxie, Siouxie, wipe that silly grin off of your face and get back to work.


I've played drums for 29 years (IANMTU)

Now I find out I have to switch to trumpet.

whut? huh??

wowsa...zoned out for a moment...

all I could hear was trumpet playing in the background and me yelling...blow that horn!!!

*looks around*


[My daughter is in the high school marching band. My wife makes buttons to sell at events. The most popular are the instrument player buttons. These have sayings like:
Tuba player - Big, Thick and Twisted
Trumput players finger faster
Flute players blow
Sax players put it in thier mouths]

And for blurk:
Drummers bang harder

sorry, wicked...was distracted for a min.


Yes blurk, but I'll bet after 29 years, your wrists are very, very flexible...

LOL cute buttons

DPS, this is for a high school band?????????????

ec, I was thinkin' the same thing.

Things sure have changed since my high school marching band days. For the better it seems. Unless my daughter decides to join marching band then it's definitely for the worse.

And for the flag-wavers, we have
(note: silks are the really big flags on 5-foot sticks)

Silks like bigger poles

blurk, keep her from joining the flag-bearing drill team, too... as that might be not a military term in high school, but rather definitive.

different times indeed...

no prudish people complalining then??

or complaining either

I don't mean to interrupt this broadcast (I had to put my desk fan on), but where's wyo these days? Did he get a new job and move? I remember him mentioning that a while ago.

You may now return to regular programming.

He's in the process of moving and taking on a new job. He should be settled soon after Christmas.

pffft...ec! I'm still a bit flustered after all the trumpet playing...

No one has compl whined yet.

I hate to tongue-swab jell-o and pudding out of hot bloggerettes' nooks and crannies and then run, but I gotta go.

Tonight is the High School Holiday Choral Concert. I rather enjoy the show, and would probably go even if The Dread Teenager wasn't involved. Be back later...

I've missed him...he was online for a min yesterday but I missed that too.

*gonna have to drop him an e-mail or IM later on tonight*

oh my...

S, say "hi" to him from me!

tell him we all miss him Siouxie!

Is he leaving Wyoming??? Ranching??? Yikes!

will do, ladies...sometimes I'm online at nights and we'll ch@t for a bit in IM's...but he hasn't been lately.

he's moving closer to Montana...about 200 miles or so? will be staying at family's ranch and starting a new job with a large const. co.

I recently saw something on TV about all the construction job opportunities in Wyoming. What are they building in the middle of nowhere (NTTAWWT)?

hope they don't build too much in Wyoming. it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and partly because it's still mostly as it was intended to be, free of the human pestilence. been darn near everywhere when i was still in the Corps and i still think that if i could live anywhere on earth in would be in Wyoming, or Montana.

Probably an indoor shooting range for Mr. Cheney, to be completed by the end of his public service. A big one... With lotsa targets... And hopefully, as automated as possible - less chance for those pesky human resource accidents...

oh, i fogot about Cheney. guess i really don't want to live in Wyoming after all. even if he is 200 miles away, it's still too close.

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