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December 15, 2006



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*would gladly pay to see his @ss get kicked*

Heck, I'll whoop his scrawny a$$ for free!

Sx, I couldnt see your pix.

Gosh, where is everyone? Has my strange and sometimes violent posts of the past few days scared everyone away?

*tap tap tap* Hello? Is this thing on?

waves at casey. you don't scare me! we're all just busy doing our shopping online. if only i could decorate my house online.

glad i haVen't reached the low point in my life where watching k-fed ring in the new year is acceptable.

Got the pix now, Sx. Very nice blue shirt Dave! You look so good in blue. You should wear that color more often!

Good morning CG!

Does that ticket price include parking for the trailer?

You aren't going to have to worry about that event selling out!

Private message to any terrorist sleeper cells:
Please arrange to blow up BOTH the AmericanAirlines Arena AND the Pure Nightclub on New Years.

There's a line for tickets?

*thinks there is some kinda irony that Twitney is at a place named 'Pure'*

Maybe (K)Fed-Ex can bring back roller derby or other dignified sporting events?

Line up for tickets now, line up for penicillin shots the day after the concert.



Siouxie, I don't think I'd even pay to see him 'git whooped'. One of these days, he'll just go away.

The Blog is lining up for tickets to WHERE? As far as I know, there are no space launches planned for that night; and anything else would still be too close.

Do you smell what The Rock is cookin'?

Betsy - Launching Twitney and/or K-Fed into space on a giant phallic shaped object is just TOO poetic.

casey, I just fixed the link on some other post (the squishy ball one I think).

pogo, but if he gets the crap beat outta him, he may go away that much sooner!

Punkin...You're a genius! Advancing the space program AND cleansing the environment simultaneously...surely NASA has a place for you?

K-fed discovers his only talent in life is getting the stuff kicked out of him as a human punching bag. I truly love the Wonder and Mystery of Christmas.

Thanks, Betsy - it was an idea inspired by YOU!

I have been in touch with NASA, and they have asked us for a list of "disposable" celebrities, along with their approximate weights, so that they can calculate the amount of thrust needed to launch.

Besides Twit & K-Fed, I nominate Paris Hilton (whose weight is practically nothing). I would suggest Barry Manilow be shot out into space, but it might be interpreted by any other life forms in the galaxy as an act of war!

We welcome your suggestions.

PPoo, if thrust is involved, I bet Twit & Paris are already in line.

Punkin, can we PLEASE send OJ (the author) Simpson too?? Miami can use one less criminal.

I bet we could get a grant to explore what happens when an intellectual vaccuum meets a black hole

Manilow's going to be performing here in Portland next month, and the morning show I listen to is all a-twitter over it.

Should I share the earwigs they've given me so far this week?


*shows CH a brand new can of hot wax*

CH, my nazi network problem seems to have been resolved. I'm sure it wasn't my threatening the server with the machete.

I would guess that showing the evil IT overlord helpful IT person that can of wax had more to do with it.

hmmm could be *eg*

Okay, that does it! I'm getting out of town for New Years!!!

*waves to ec*


btw...posted the link to the pics on the "squishy" thread

A squishy thread is almost as bad as someone who can't handle his snake. Worse, maybe.

List so far:


Oh! Let's not forget Tom "I've studied psychiatry, with a minor in couch jumping" Cruise!

Can we add MIL's if they're not celebs? (Does being "infamous" count as celebrity???)

*waving back*

Whaddya mean? Didn't you just get out of my car a few hours ago? Whut happened - the IT persona traded the newtwork issue for your memory?!!!
Nice photos, especially kudos to the photographer, who took the one of you & Carl. And, wasn't he just the nicest guy?!

... add to list, Tom's dead-eyed wife. Oh yes, and Lilo, sick of her, too.

ec, yes he was...almost as nice as the Blog...almost.

Punkin, you can send your MIL...she may get rid of OJ for us.

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