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December 20, 2006


(Thanks to Jennifer Oldham)


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let me just say that she is NEVER going to babysit my kids, if i had any, which, fortunately for them, i do not. she was inexperienced? no, she is just just stupid.

A screener watching the machine's monitor immediately noticed the outline of a baby and pulled the bin backward on the conveyor belt.

Wait...so it has to be in the scanner before they notice that this particular carry-on is kind of unusually configured???

So after she got on the plane, did she stuff the baby in the overhead compartment?

DP Scrooge-'course not-they fit much better under the seat ahead.

Wasn't there anybody in line behind her? I'm sorry, but if I noticed the lady in front of me shoving her baby into the xray machine, I think I would've spoken up.

BACK UP! I have a baby and I'm not afraid to use it!

I guess they'll be banning babies on flights next. Hey, that actually might be a good thing!

Val they won't ban them you'll just have to check them with your luggage.

oh c'mon - aint you guys bein a little rough on this poor woman?

obviously she cant afford healthcare, and was just tryin to scam a free full-body x-ray of the baby

i bet she was plannin on sendin herself thru next

Visions of Airplane dancing through my head.

LOL Addicted & TCK!

what people will do to get a freebie...

right. just as long as she didn't use a one GALLON sized baggie, because those are illegal -- just ask my husband, who had his confiscated in Atlanta. no, wait, *not* confiscated... they let him keep it, but took all his stuff and placed it in a quart sized baggie, then sent him on his way back to NYC with both. thank God for Homeland Security, eh?

One time when I was in line for the x-ray machine a very flustered girl had her purse dog in line in front of us. She was confused and I was wondering if she might need help. Before I could get to her she put that dog in a bin and it rolled right in the machine. I looked at the x-ray attendant when he realized he was looking at a dog. He went from shock to realization and he laughed as he pulled the dog out.

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