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December 18, 2006


...quite like this.

(Thanks to Scott Tucker)


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"Does this make my butt look..."

First to hurl my just eaten lunch.

Just what I've always wanted too!

*I'm dreaming of a white...anus*

Gawd, I hate it when my anus gets dulled and saggy from over use. I WISH there were a product out there to shine and tone my bunghole....and bring it back to it's youthful glory!

Is that bleach on your butt or are you just happy to see me?

"Ooooh! I can see my reflection in your ass!"

Well, that's special!

who actually decided that there was enough demand for this that they could actually market it? and if there is such a high demand, why? i must just be behind (no pun intended) the times, butt(pun intended), who decided that a bleached anus is sexy and desirable and why is everyone looking at each others' - never mind, just never mind.

ww, ianmtu, but I know of people that bleach AND wax their anal area...

talk about an ackward position to be in?? *HA*!

new meaning to shiney hiney

Suddenly I have a mental image of vanilla Tootsie Rolls. I don't know why...

i will accept that someone would wax their anal area (i'm not really sure i want to know why)but bleach? i must not be up on the latest sexual fads, but that's just kinda, well, gross.

snork to DPC!

this must have grown to popluarity out of the porn industry

At last! No more rings around Uranus.

ww, I don't know why the bleach either...waxing is well...a matter of preference I guess.

*snork* @ fivver!

I believe it all had to do with the 'thong'. If all that is covering your sphincter is a 1.6 mm wide piece of butt-floss, you might want to consider a professional detailing of the area.

I've had my eyebrows waxed, and let me just say that I just don't think anyone would have that waxed twice. Ya know--

Oy, a warning on that one would've been nice...
*looks around for eye bleach*

Guin, I believe you can use this product as a bleaching agent for the eye as well.

shudders that dpc has knowledge of the why and when of this product. shudders again to think i will never be able to keep up with all the beauty routines to stay youthful. wonders if this is why she hasn't been able to keep a boyfriend.....if anyone needs me, i'll be, ummm, shopping.

It seems even the good folks at Shop in Private were embarrased about this one...

Well, I'll just be d@mned

crossgirl...I'm with you...I can't keep up either. I thought the last thing I'd have to worry about was bleaching my [noun].

I know a lot of strippers and p@rn stars. (Don't ask.) They love this stuff. (Really. Don't ask!)

*won't ask*

AB -

Don't hafta ask ... got it figgered out ... (let's not tell Siouxie ... she'd merely be bothered by it ...)

crosses stripper of list of career options.

OFF, i meant off. it's early.

OtheU - :-P


Only her proctologist knows for sure.

/end geezer comment


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