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December 13, 2006


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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One time I was field stripping a wild camel at an airport and found a chinese dinner complete with mouse turds in his stomach. GROSSED ME OUT!

I just wonder who that camel last spit on...


I wonder upon whom that camel last spit..

Kind of like "Miller Time" , no?

Yum, camel...

I'd walk a mile for a camel-sacrifice.

On second thought, no....no I wouldn't.

Oh, thank god it wasn't reindeer! That would have been just terrible.

If they did this on the plane while in the air would it count as in-flight entertainment or meal preparation?

Maybe the fine folks from PETA should go there and put together a protest.

ps: Either way, it would still taste like chicken.

see, this is why i never, never eat airplane food

Did this happen on a Wednesday?

It did!!
I knew it.

Speakin' of Camels, blurk, how's your nicotine weaning going?

I bet the guy who did it had the middle name of Wayne, too.

I am O-ficially a non-smoker. Don't even wear a patch anymore.

*applauds blurk*

i smoked one a them patches once

i dont recommend it

Yay blurk!!

Thanks, everyone.

And while we're on the subject here's an obversation: smokers really do stink. Literally.

I don't wanna sound preachy because, as a smoker I hated bein' preached at, but it's the truth. I smoked for 21 years and never knew how bad I smelled. I know now.

blurk: yeah, you ain't too easy on the eyes, neither.

(sorry, bad mood)

I know that, mud.

It's just that now I'm not both ugly AND smelly.

I think.

'Course I do smell like a horse or a cow a lot of the time, so maybe I am.

Mmmmm, Camel....would you like one hump or two???

This raises the obvious question, would you also get suspended in Turkey for sacrificing a turkey?

Apparently, it's hump day there whenever they're ahead of schedule.


You probably also increased your life span exponentially.

Good for you!!!

Camel meat.....WBAGNF....a porn flick

I walked out of the grocery store the other day, behind a guy who had that unmistakable sweet smell of gumballs about him. Judging by the contents of his cart, he'd been shopping a while, the munchies will do that I suppose, and that smell was still like a cloud around him.

And blurk, now you can stay in fresh-smelling hotel rooms when you travel. Good luck staying not smelly.

so I've heard

Speaking of smoking, the Bocken ain't.

wassup wit that?

Blurk, if you add just a dash of eau du Border collie to that horse and cow it adds a nice panache.

My truck smells like that plus woolies.

Congrats [b]Blurk![/b]

Did anyone else see this story listed on that page?
[a href=http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061213/ap_on_fe_st/australia_python]Man pulls 7-foot python from toilet[/a]

Key quote:
"The ... resident originally called a plumber because her toilet was blocked," Phillips said in a statement released by the Northern Territory government. "I arrived to see a large python head peering out of the toilet bowl."

Darn it! The perils of switching between forums & blogs. Let's try this again withe proper brackets:

Congrats Blurk!

Did anyone else see this story listed on that page?
Man pulls 7-foot python from toilet

Key quote:
"The ... resident originally called a plumber because her toilet was blocked," Phillips said in a statement released by the Northern Territory government. "I arrived to see a large python head peering out of the toilet bowl."

Ok, Previewed to be safe. Now let's see if the robot pings me once again...

I am now O-ficially home and able to post!!

First thing first: Awesome job, blurk!!!

I'm sure the ladies enjoy Eau de Horse & Cow on their cowbows...

*holding nose*

and on their cowboys too!!!

WTG, blurk!! I'm so glad to hear that you succeeded!

As for how smokers smell, consider how their kisses taste... yeck. Be glad that you've escaped from that for good now.

This has made my day, it really has! :-D

Yay, Blurk!!

many congrats, blurk :) i actually quit smoking the same day i met dave for the first time... just about 20 years ago to the day. or maybe 19. i'll have to check. but anyway, it was a long time ago, and in december.

Judi, is it just a (happy) coincidence that you stopped smoking the same day you met Dave or does he have some sort of special power over nicotine addiction? Or was it a condition of employment and/or inducement to hang around for a couple of decades and eventually get a walrus penis bone?

ps: I quit in '93.

Way to go blurk! I have family members who have tried many, many times to give up the smokes and still haven't quite gotten there.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a python out of the toilet!

Congratulations Blurk!

Only if it has 700 kilos of coke.

Please, lets not give the Flying Imams any ideas.

Way to go, blurk. We smokers are probably the only club glad to lose a member. (Well, except when we lose one due to the reasons listed on the pack).

On topic/They threw two blankets over the hump. In the words of Igor, "Hump? What hump?"

*in memory of the late, great Peter Boyle*

May he R.I.P.

he was a great monster too....

Yeah blurk! I am so happy for you. Just the prior thread ago I was wondering how it was going. I quit 8 years ago and I discovered the same thing about the smell. Major gag reflex and absolute mortification that I walked around smelling bad. I had no idea.

Welcome to the non smoking section!

Siouxie, I still have major snorkage when he sings "Puttin' On the Ritz"

me too!!! that is such a classic. I have the dvd.

Did anybody else notice that the camel in the picture was in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 7 December 2006?

--Hey Bob, I need a picture of a camel.

--I got one here.

Marty Feldman had the 'hump' line in YF...
I miss both him and Peter Boyle.

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