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December 18, 2006


This blog also spent a fair amount of time on hands and knees.

(Thanks to garnetwhyte)


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Gasp...can't...gasp...keep up...wheeze...too many...funny posts....gasp....

Man Frats are letting the pledges off easy these days. I had to dress like a chicken and sing Barry Manilow to passerby's on the street.

Addicted - that was you?

Barry Manilow
Dancing chicken in the street
Poultry in Motion.

Next time people call me a brown nose.....

Yep that was ME.

I imagine the time that anyone on this blog spend on their hands and knees in college involved large quantities of alcoholic beverages. Just a guess.

I track with Basset Hounds - cute study, but people should just give it up and let the hounds do it!

Sadly, the story doesn't mention the fatality that occurred in connection with the study. One of the participants was sitting in the middle of the street licking himself when a truck ran over him.

>This blog also spent a fair amount of time on hands and knees

I thought that was for interns?

Ross, Maybe an upper classman forced Dave to [verb] his [noun]?

"Without their noses in tact" Doesn't anyone proof read these things?

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