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December 19, 2006



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Is this the name of the FIRST sequel to that Sam Jackson Movie

poor little snakey!

Oh, and inquisitive monkeys WBAGNFARB

"But we did throw a net over it so if it had fallen overboard by mistake we could have easily fished it out"

And my question is .... why???

When the crew threatened to toss the python overboard, it suddenly yelled "Hey! I'm a celebrity! I've just done an award show in England!"

thinks snakes on ships is a good idea to keep the rat population down. there are rats on ships still, right?

Usually the people’s first instinct is to kill,”

um...no...my first instinct would have been to run like hell. Possibly off the ship.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!! I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MOTHER(very bad word goes here) SNAKES ON A MOTHER(same bad word as before) NOUN POSTS.

Just Kidding I love them. I just had to channel my inner Samuel L Jackson.

holy crap. you try to get away from the daily grind and what do you get? i mean i haven't been away from that a55hole for six months so i thought i'd take a little cruise and i'm just sunning myself you know, just laying on the sun - i wasn't "coiled menacingly" or nothing and here comes these dudes with sticks throwing a net over me, and poking me into this burlap sack fill with straw and the whole time their laughing like this was great fun and one of them had like immense barf-breath i mean to gag a maggot like so what am i supposed to do, go to disney world? yeah that would go over real well - yeah i'd love to get trampled to death by them furry freaks - so they get me into this sack and take me to this prison with monkey and birds and holy crap! the noise in this place is making me crazy - and the smells, oh my god, i'm ready to go back home! i mean that's what a vacation is supposed to do, right? make you wanna go back to your job, sorta "re-energize" you, right? damn, who's got a gumball?

I thought snakes were deaf...

Just thought you all should know that I read in a recent Entertainment Weekly column that Steven King rated SOAP as one of the best movies of the year.

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