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December 19, 2006


Penis-Burning Woman


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The 52-year-old spent a month in hospital after suffering third-degree burns in the pelvic area and on his chest.

So she smeared sterno™ on his johnson, and his chest got burned? WTFBBQ? Is he hung like a horse?

Following a "heated" argument?

All I can say is OOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH!!!!! Third degree burns on Mr. Willie.

Whatever happened to "We should start seeing other people?"

"Chestnuts roasting on a open fire...."

*snork* @ Hammond Rye

I would think that that would be "Chest and Nuts Roasted by an Open Fire"

I guess this fellow now qualifies as Ms. Rene's ex-flame.

Snork at Punkin and baron! Also, OUCH! talk about a weinie roast.

Oh ... Poo!

what could this guy have done to warrant the flaming? i have been absolutely out of my mind, insanely pissed off and ready to kill, but i have never thought of roasting the junk. either he seriously screwed up or she is seriously screwed up.

wonders if she had the chocolate fondue dip or the cheese fondue dip waiting for him.

She and Lorena would make quite a team...

snip & dip

In other "burning" issues, I notice that the bocken is not.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled hilarity.

It should be pointed out that common treatment for a severe burn is debriding the wound. Debriding is defined as: removal of unwanted tissue around a traumatic wound until surrounding healthy tissue is exposed.

It is hard to type from a fetal position.

*offers Hammie a fondue weenie*

*unfunny comment*
either he seriously screwed up or she is seriously screwed up.

Posted by: wickedwitch | 09:16 AM on December 19, 2006

So, you're saying this woman could be completely sane but if this guy screwed up bad enough it would be perfectly acceptable to set him on fire?
If the situation were reversed and the woman were the one burned there would be a throng of people ready to stab, shoot, stone, hang and then kill the man but in the view of some this is not only funny but justified.

Sorry, I'll eat my gumball now. Hope I don't get called for one of them "random" pee tests anytime soon.

*backs slowly away from a gun toting blurk*

blurk, no, you mistake me. i'm wondering what justification this crazy b*#&h had for setting him on fire. i'm NOT saying there is any justification for it, just what was her excuse. what mortal sin did he commit that was bad enough to drive her to set his junk on fire?

he probably left the lid up

ww, I saw your point. she is one craaaazy byotch.

I heard he left the toilet seat up.

Didn't mean to rant, I've had coffee and am regaining my sense of humor.

cg, are you hearin' "Twilight Zone" music?

yeah, but it in a good way. welcome back to humorland.

she has been ordered not to consume any alcohol...

or be around it, cause elsewise bf could've had his
'cherries' jubileed...

lol insom

With apologies to Carlos Santana....

Penis Burning Woman
I got a Penis Burning Woman.
I got a Penis Burning Woman.
Yes, I got a Penis Burning Woman,
She's got me so fired up I can't pee;
But she's a Penis Burning Woman and
she's trying to make a candle out of me.

Don't put your fuel on my wee wee.
Don't put your fuel on my wee wee.
Yes, don't put your fuel on my wee wee,
Don't mess around with your tricks;
Don't turn put your fuel on my wee wee,
'cause you might just set fire to my dick.

You just set fire to my wee wee.
You just set fire to my wee wee.
Yes, you set fire to my wee wee,
Turnin' my dick into ashes;
I need ice so bad,
Penis Burning Woman you'll go to jail for this.


You may not believe me but this song is the FIRST thing I thought about when I read the headline.

LOL awesome!

Now to get this ear worm out of my head... Sorry all.

Strangely enough, I was looking at a "nut roasting kit" for a friend last night at Target. ISIANMTU.

Different kinda nuts, of course.

First, they burnt their bras, and I did nothing...

Houses burn down, cars burn up and penises burn....??

just curious - does justice always move this swiftly in Canada? She flambe'd the guy in 2001, was convicted last year, and she's been wandering around loose with full access to flammable items and people with the potential to irritate her? Something seems wrong with this picture.

LOL...Brad and Siouxie...Definitely a musical phrase, although I was thinkin' more along the lines of a standard eight-bar blues:

I got a penis-burning woman, hot as she can be
I said a penis-burning woman, hot as she can be
And when she's feelin' cranky, she's too damned hot for me.

(guitar riff)

Now penis-burning woman, hand that Bic to me
I say, penis- burning woman, hand that ol' Bic to me
Or at least just let me fetch my
asbestos BVD's



BRAD: of course Santana, I was trying to fit it into "Witchy Woman" cause that ahhhhhhhhh ah chorus seemed so appropriate. You did better, 'preciate it

I play anything requested...

One black eye and and two fat lips
Fondue fuel on her finger tips
Setting fire in the night
She’s a real bitch after a fight
Wooo hooo bitchy girlfriend, see what
she's got planned
Woo hoo bitchy girlfriend she got
a match in her hand

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