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December 20, 2006


...for the Squid-Inspired Vortex Generators.


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Because one never knows when one might need a good vortex generated.

Yep, there's nothing like a tiny jet thruster in your digestive tract to really get the morning going!

Perhaps these would be helpful in inflating my lawn ornaments?

It'll get something going, all right, jon.

...and I just know that there would be an application in dealing with the bocken.

And don't miss the shocking headline on the same page:
Study: U.S. premarital sex is commonplace

Premarital sex at age 44?

Well, duh! If I were that old, and unmarried I would sure be telling people that I could, in fact, have sex.

i am shocked by the premarital sex study. absolutly shocked! i would have thought it to be 99%, but how many people lied about it?

and why can't i ever see the goat? my computer just won't go there. i'll never know if it burns.

Isn't squid in the digestive tract also known as calimari?

"the technology might eventually allow physicians to guide tiny capsules with jet thrusters through the human digestive tract"

that's a jet-powered squid-inspired robot butt ranger they're talking about. where is the public outcry?


Some Doctor wants to "treat" me with a jet-powered, squid-inspired robotic butt ranger??!!?

I don't THINK so, doc.

mud-i'm not sure, but i'll bet that jet-powered squid-inspired butt ranger would be a lot less uncomfortable than and upper and lower G.I., maybe.

yeah, i think i've effectively blotted out the memory of those procedures.

researchers say the vortex generators make it easier for underwater workers to maneuver and dock at low speeds and with greater precision.

Wow, I think we could all use that, from time to time, iynwim.

/ Science Crap

Ahem. Jellyfish are not cephalopods. They are cnidarians. Also bear in mind that the jet-powered, squid-inspired butt-ranger could be a jet-powered, scorpion-inspired butt-ranger. Thank you.

\Science Crap

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