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December 15, 2006


Dump the snake.


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*SNORK* @ that pic of the guy holding on to the snake!

doesn't understand why the snake didn't win an award.

O, the horror! Three-letter celebs consumed by python! Film at 11!

I never did find the humor in snakes. Even when Dirk Bennedict was turned in to one in Ssssss.

It's sad to see when one can't handle his snake.

*sends out smoke signals to mud*

Did no one see ANACONDA?????? What were they THINKING???

(Can we put a python on the celeb rocket to space? Can we? Huh?)

Pythons in Space...I like it Punkin

Reticulated python, sounds painful

Snakes on stage
fill Brits with rage!
Why did Nigel let it
get out of it's cage?
It frightened Dec
and scared poor Ant,
and lots of others simply can't
get the image from their brain
I vote we flush it down the drain.
But wait, think it thru,
what would a flushed python do?
Why, he'd go thru the pipes
and pop out in Dave's loo!

They call me mad - what do I care?
the situation's bad in my underwear
No fragrant hand has been for a visit
No wedding band, no caress exquisite
No snowball’s chance – word has spread ‘round
‘bout what’s in my pants, the horrors there found
No soap has been there, for what’s the use?
My lot is solitaire, I’ll not reproduce
Booze is my strength, the street my domain
I stagger at length – a stultified brain
they call me mad - what do I care?
The situation’s sad in my underwear

*applauds, speechless*

*speechlessly applauds*

bravo Punkin & mud!

"Snakes Reacting Badly" was one of those brit import t.v. shows that didn't catch on over here...

Hmmm. Python - comedy - attack celebrities.

Yup, I think we know what Graham Chapman was reincarnated as. Makes total sense.

Dec partied at the awards until the early hours — and revealed he plans to see Sky Sports presenter Diana Stewart again.

He narrowly avoids one squeeze, immediately starts looking for another.

is "presenting a gong" a euphamism?

It was the producers fault they invited the wrong Python.

First story that ever made me sorry for the snake.

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