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December 18, 2006


(Thanks to Kaf Aleni)


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the future of bank robbers, in league with lawyers.

I think this guy sold me my last used car.

Ah, another day of combatting malicious comment posting by scripts.

*puts on cyber-superhero costume*

He "acted honorably"? Sounds more like he was trying to drum up business.

Does the term "ambulance chaser" have a New Zealand equivalent?

Or is it "extortionist" I'm thinking of?

Layzee...nice tights!

I hereby officially propose a new word to the lexicon of business: "chutzpreneur".

Thank you.

kudos, Kaf! (since when was your name two parts?)

*snork* @ Betsy

Thanks, Siouxie. I didn't think I could pull off wearing pink ones but they seem to work.

MOTW - email problems.. so I'm using gmail at the moment. It wanted a first and last name, so I split my blog name in two.

Jeff.. it's still ambulance chaser - the vowel sounds are just a little more flat.

"Invalid Story" The link didn't work for me.

Invalid story it is. I guess it's a story about a person recuperating in a hospital.

The article was on a guy who admitted to hacking into a NZ bank and then sued the bank for his 'service' because he pointed out security flaws that they then patched.

"Invalid story" sounds like a plea bargain, to moi ownself ... merely sayin' ...

Here's the story:

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