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December 14, 2006


I am getting sick and tired of hearing this guy Tancredo go around calling Miami a "Third World country." Listen, bud: We are a first-world country, and don't you forget it.

I'm sorry they rescinded his invitation to come down here. I think we should have let him come down, then confiscated his passport.


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I don't know why I bother. The bot's just gonna make me 5th.

I think a short (or long) stint in Krome should be on the menu for Mr. Tancredo.

I agree, Dave. We should have let him come and get lost in Hialeah!

isn't there a body farm somewhere out on Alligator Alley that we could take him for a 'fact-finding tour'?

I thought Miami was a suburb of Havana. Although the health care system in Cuba is excellent, I'm not sure that the communist system can be described as being first world.

I am reminded of a certain quote.

Matt Arnold walking in to Miami International and saying. "What country is this." I felt that way walking in to Orlando international on Monday.

Miami is a third world country and he's from Colorado? I'm from Colorado and...I think he needs to look around his home state a litte bit more... :o

I suggest a cole-slaw cage match between Florida and Colorado.

"Renewing America: The Need for Assimilation" I first read this as The Need for Assassination.

Florida could invite him on down then sacrifice a camel when he arrives at the airport. Sorta put the fear into him.

casey, we sacrifice chickens down here.

Sx, I've always wondered...do you chant and dance before, during or after the sacrifice?

(mmm, drumsticks)

Invite him to a webcast....if he knows what that is.

casey, we clank our pots and pans and dance the conga line....it is a very festive rite.

Of course Miami isn't a third-world country. No third-world countries have so many fjuckbying toll booths.

Except in Key West, where chickens are sacred (who knew?) and run around among the tourists in Old Town... but I forget that is part of the Conch Republic.
Welcome back, Siouxie ;-)

NTTAWT, but does anyone whose seen Tancredo on TV think his voice has a slight undertone of serious gayness? It's kinda like Mark Foley's. Just ever so slight. I would not be surprised if he and Jim Gilchrist were an item.

Anyway, as a white guy who has voted for far more Republicans than Democrats, I think I am in a fair position to say that Tancredo's immigration stand is borderline based on not liking Hispanics, and if it's not over the borderline, his supporters certainly are. You should feel lucky he's not coming to Miami. Colorado should feel lucky that he's prowling the streets of Washington DC for whatever he prowls for.

Thanks ec!!! I\\\'m only here via a secret hush hush covert type server...shhhhhh

In Key West all bird types are sacred :-)

There'll be NO chicken chokin' in Key West!!

Siouxie, your \\\s are showing again.

Tancrudo, or whatever his name is, probably cannot dance worth a damn.

oops...sorry *blushes*

you haven\\\'t been there during Fantasy Fest, have you??

"Fantasy Fest" That sounds like sumpthin' I might be willin' to leave Montana to come see.

**Snork** @ HR

I've done Fantasy Fest, S. And yes about the birds. However, the only birds that run around the streets of KW are the chickens. They should be wearing those bumper stickers that say, "Yes, I do OWN the road!" Even the pigeons leave you alone.

umm...I don\\\'t think so blurk...

Lets just say it\\\'s like a Mardi Gras for very happy men (IYKWIM)

blurk, 3 words: painted on costumes.

Sioux, then you do not know where to go for the straight arrow fun. There is plenty of that, too! Trust me.

on men LOL

ok...MOST of them are very happy men. not all.

oh I know, ec - my friend Lisa is from there. I have never gone. Just that most of the outlandish celebrants are well...ya know.


Nevermind. If I gotta go lookin' for the straight arrow fun I'll just stay in MT.

Actually, I've seen more painted costumes on women than guys. Of course, those women might be attending a different church than you & me, Sioux -NTTAWWT.
G-d, I'm getting tired of being pc.

I\\\\\\\'m with blurk, I woll stay put if I have to figure out who they\\\\\\\'re on their knees for ;-)

and I WILL stay put

Well, my bartender on Thursday at Red Fish, Blue Fish is definitely part of our congregation...

Can I get an "AMEN"?

Hey, I don't care whose team they're on - if they're gals of the female gender, and they're wearing nothin' but paint, I'm a happy people-watcher.

I\\\'ll pass, CH. The spray-painted guys may look cute and all...but what\\\'s the use?

Clean, been there, done that (fantasy fest, not body paint, tho I might not mind doing that, but that is a whole different subject). That crowd, well words cant describe. Really, just like Mardi Gras. The next day, ISIANMTU, the gutters are running with puke and rum. It is NOT a place to be the day after. But, it's a good place for watching and always nice to say been there, done that.

I've spent many many a day in the keys since I was a tot. Last time was about 3 years ago. I can close my eyes and see that ocean any time and I carry it in my heart. I rarely visit the town of Key West anymore, I enjoy the more natural places in the keys. I also enjoy No Name Pub pizza. Truly the best in the world, IMHO.

And Mangrove Mamma's fried conch sandwiches. OMG!

I haven\\\'t been to KW in ages...more recently to the upper keys...Key Largo...Marathon.

Arrrrgh! A carefully crafted clever comment rejected for dubious "comment spam?" Well I'm not doing it over again so you guys will have to settle for artfully aggravating asinine alliteration. So there!

Nebbisk, it's usually a single word. Ca$ino is an example. Via&ra is another.

Tancredo sucks chunks. Tell him to take his flannel shirt, his flannel upholstered and carpeted home and his flannel painted suburban and shove them up his flannel lined butt!

... flannel lined ... ???

Um ...

nevermind ...

Let him "come" to Miami, but really send his plane to Harare, Zimbabwe when he's not looking. Wants to visit a third world country, does he?

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