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December 20, 2006


They found Baby Jesus! All 32 of him!

(Thanks to Siouxie)


(from many alert readers, and posted by the s.b.)




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I saw that First online...my question is

...why does it sound like some of the faithful are taking advantage of the situation to, umm, upgrade their Baby Jesuses??? Isn't that some kind of sin?

32??? This will be tough to explain to children who are already wondering why there are so many Santas about town.

Preacher - Do you have Jesus in your life.

Preachie - Yea come out to my trunk, how many do you need?

Nothing says CHRISTmas like plastic Jesuses.


Yea Siouxie!

Once I was stopped in a line of cars at a light and there was a Jesus on the half shell statue sitting in the middle of the sidewalk next to the car in front of me. Suddenly the passenger's door opened and an arm reached out to snatch the statue. Just before they could grab it, a crazy guy came running up the sidewalk yelling, "Hey! That's MY Jesus!!" The light changed just as the guy started banging on the passenger's door. I LMAO.

Guess you had to be there.

woo hooo..praise the lawd!!!

32 baby Jesi on the lawn, 32 baby Jesi
Take one down,
Pass it around
31 Baby Jesi on the lawn...

Excuse me....I have a question. What exactly indicates that baby is in fact a baby Jesus? Don't all plastic babies look pretty much the same? Can't people just go to a store that rhymes with Mal Wart and get a plastic baby, then name it Jesus? Does the plastic baby designated as "Jesus" have a platic beard or something?

Our baby Jesus was stolen in Chicago 30 years ago. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, please contact my mom.

"Baby Jesus belongs in a nativity, not in evidence and recovered poverty" Huh? I thought that Jesus would help me to get out of poverty, and once I get out, I certainly would not want it recovered.

'Guerilla Nativity' WBAGNFA Punk Festival

From second update:

A homeowner said Friday that whoever stole the baby Jesus from his manger scene was disrespectful by replacing it with an empty beer can.

Would it have been less disrespectful if it had been a full beer can? How about a full, non-alcoholic beer can?

Baron, in exchange for a baby Jesus, I think nothing less that a nicely chilled 6-pack would be appropriate.

BvK - so would Rogue Nativity.

In a further twist, a group of residents had planned to set up their own Nativity to replace the previous absent Nativity, but when they turned up on Monday with their replacement Nativity they found that the rogue Nativity had pre-empted their Nativity in the space the previous Nativity had once rested.

I thought it was illegal to use the same noun six times in a sentence.

Booze for Jesus takes a whole new meaning....

Boozers for Jesus WBAGNFA recovering-Christian rock group.

casey's size D ramparts,

In New Hampshire at this time of year, any beer left in trade for a baby Jesus would be chilled.

not here in Miami, Baron...so you best leave it along with a motorized cooler ;-).

If you need me, I'll be Boozing for Jesus

In the Christmas play that just concluded, a couple of us had hoped to replace the doll that was representing Baby Jesus with a Big Mouth Billy Bass or some other plastic fish.

We wanted Mary to sing her song to the son of cod.

Although our religious tradition does not include references to purgatory, I think we just added some more time to our sojourn.

Snork at Lab Rat!

Well, He did call Himself the Lite of the world...or maybe I got that mixed up.
*Slaps self on hand, scolds, "Bad Christian!"*


This is begining to sound like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

Again I say OY!

BTW, Did I really see in print that a nativity was replaced with a Menorah?

Why is it I have a ver ybad feelingabout this?

However it does seem more in keeping with the holidays.

BTW, Snowman Menorah WBAGNFA Jewish Rock Band!

I don't live any the suburbs anymore, so could someone tell me if it's still popular to hang wreathes on the front hood/grill of the SUV . . . or have people started fastening illuminated Baby Jesi to the grill instead?

I dont care if rains or freezes
Long as i got my plastic jesus
riding in the dashboard of my car....

but stealing baby jesuses out of plastic manger scenes is really tacky, no matter how tacky the plastic jesus and mangers is, are.

In an unrelated incident, 25 "Jocko" lawn ornaments were mysteriously left in front of "Sammy's Noodle Shop" (formerly "Sambo's Restaurant") in Rutherford, New Jersey.

The proprietor was not upset, pointing out that "This style of jockey has a rich history that dates back to the time of George Washington on the Delaware, which later became a beacon of freedom for many people around the world."

Also available in solid concrete with internal re-bar enforcements (consult factory for pricing).

One of the related articles on the 2nd item said "£25k of stolen broccoli could be world's largest ever veg theft" Stealing broccoli? Who wants it?

And stealing stuff from a Nativity sceen is not only mean but seems like bad luck.

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