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December 18, 2006


Here is the feel-good holiday video of the season so far.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Isn't that Claudine Longet singing? LMAO!

Aaaaw, golly gee. Monsters can be so darn cute!

When you care enough to send the very beast.

touching...moving...like a Stephen King novel.

looks like the people in line at the mall this weekend.

I kinda felt like that this morning...

"When you care enough to send the very beast."

Very good, very good.

thanks, stevie.

No, no. "When you scare enough to send the very best."

Those guys were definately in line in front of me trying to get the Nintendo Wii this weekend. Maybe they just looked that way because apparently they had spent the night sleeping in front of Best Buy. Sigh...failed again.

I'm thinkin' Hannibal looks a little ... anemic? ... there ... mebbe he's got "Tired Blood™" ... ?

(Bonus points for geezers who remember those commercials ... & a lifetime pass for the Bus ...)

i can remember 'iron-poor tired blood' but not the product!


*picks up cane and limps away*


Darn, I can't see it. What is it?

I've got a pss for the Geezer bus, too. That all rang a bell...Exit, stage left...

Hey, I have an "all access" geezer bus pass - but the stupid work filter won't let me see the video.

It's on Wikipedia at

I was trying to remember the guy who used to hawk it.

I din't hafta look it up ... here's his bio ...

That wuz on To Tell the Truth as I recall, but this guy might've also been the pitchman y'all remember ...

I used to love the Garry Moore show!

I thought it was Tennessee Ernie Ford, or somebody else with a deep voice and a thin moustache.

Wasn't it Geritol who also employed the rocket scientist ad agency guru who came up..."My wife...I think I'll keep her...." ???

Tasteless - sick -was that supposed to be funny?

Thought this was interesting. Check it out.


I think I have had dreams like that.

The one where Jason Vorhees can't seem to get a job. The secretary at the butcher shop says,
"I'm sorry, you just don't have enough experience to work here."

I woke up in protest. It was the Man brining a monster Down.

O the U....

I have a lifetime pass to the Geezer Bus, but DAY-UM! Now I REALLY feel old.

Where's my Geritol? It goes great with SERUTAN™.
(Extra Geezer Bus credit... What was that tag line?"

And, oh yeah. The clip. So wrong and yet so snorkworthy!

Direct TV would never have the cajones to run that here in the states. But I wish they would. Can't you see the "War on Christmas" crowd's heads explode?

AB- "It's ... sdrawkcab ..."

So ... um ... whut's a snail got to do with the War on Christmas? I musta missed somethin' ...

(OK - a day late ... I figgered out that part ... what'd I miss?)

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