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December 18, 2006


Give the most precious gift of all: an alligator head with original tag.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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writters block ahhhhhhhhhh

Alligator King? Is that a Florida-based fast food joint (like they all are) that serves reptile? If it isn't, it oughta be. Who's with me, people?

I dunno, Dave...can you really have too much whale vomit and anal bleach???

If the whale is returning everything it eats by way of the front door, I wouldn't think it would need much, if any anal bleach.

Man, and here I wanted to get one of those with a *secondary* tag.....

"Questions will gladly be answered until auction ends, M-F 7:30am-4:00pm PST, with the exception of holidays, vacations and unforseen events." Bet they have a lot of those unforseen events.

Originial tag? like from the factory?

most people remove the ORIGINAL tag even though it says "do not remove under penatly of law"

It sure is handy that alligators run around with those tags. Otherwise, how would we know if it was real or not?

Did the tag read: "Hi, my name is Al. If found, please return me to the NYC Dept of Sewers."

I already have one of these.

I wuz talkin' with a couple who sold these @ the gun show here in Paso Robles last Saturday ... somehow I din't think that MB(RH?) would really appreciate one of these (or more) as an anniversary gift ...

I'd better order them flowers instead ...

A 24 hole punch. Perfect!

Whew! I need to sleep, then read the blog in the morning! I thought that the blog entry read, "alligator head with original leg"!

Anybody see that ad for Miami-Dade college on the right hand side of the blog? That poor girl attended Miami-Dade college and landed a job in the fast paced paper route field.

I wouldn't think it would need much, if any anal bleach.

Goodwill is selling this?

That's just nasty! (The alligator head.) If I had to choose, I think I'd pick the whale vomit :)

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