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December 20, 2006


UPDATE: Whoops. This doesn't seem to be working.

UPDATE: Whoops. Maybe it is.


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judi, the mind reels at the prospects!!!

Oops. Not working for me.

Apparently, no, I do not hear what you hear.

But Supergirl is hot. Thanks for that.

Sorry. Dave is going to be on the radio (at least local people can listen: Big105.9) in support of the food drive. If it doesn't work on your computer, I apologize. I can't make it work. It keeps playing (off and on) but it's just ads... I can't hear the actual show.

Thanks for trying judi. The Shiite Pet was cute.

Couldn't hear anything either, but did go into the "Sounds" area and listened to The Lesbian Song" which was pretty amusing.

I thought you were refering to the gift items. After looking them over, I'm sorry that I've finished my holidat shopping!

It appears they podcast at least parts of the show, so we may be able to get the important bit later.

those are the guys who were with you at that ritzy charity concert you put on at edgewater drive....right Dave?

They are pretty decent morning guys. I really need to get the antenea fixed on my truck so I can hear them.

judi, I was JUST listening to Paul & Young Ron on the way to work...what time was Dave going to be on?

Good morning all again!!

I always listen to them in the mornings...super funny show. I think they just mentioned Dave...can barely hear it on my crap headphones now...

Sorry, didn't hear it. Mainly 'cos I'm at work. Maybe that can be considered listening to the "Sound of Silence"...except, well, I hear the copier going...and my keys clakking as I type this...so that's not really the Sound of Silence per se...but it probably still qualifies, right...? Right?

Er, what was I posting in reply to again?

Dave, (I hope you see this)
I LOVED your essay about Christmas in Miami (flying pigs, etc). Any chance you'll post that this Christmas.
Merry Christmas

is there a time he goes on?. Its getting late into the show.

Nope ... doesn't werk, here in Modesto, CA ...

HOWever, I think I just saw Bob Falfa in the breakfast area at the hotel ...

(... he's aged, in case you wondered ... and he's put on a few pounds ... but then, so have we all ... )

I am having technical difficulties but I THINK he's on next...and I just BLASTED my eardrums!!! DAYAM!!

everyone type loudly please....

ok..for some stooopid reason...I can barely hear the webcast...but the advertising BLASTS away...they're talking to Dave now. grrrrr

*gave up on trying to listen*

I value my hearing.

well that was anti-climatic...thanks Judi Judi... ;)

by that I meant I couldnt tune in...Not Dave. I am sure he was, shall we say, funny...funny how, do I amuse you...

I like the A-holes of the Year top 5 list and the Shiite pet

Oh, I though she was pointing out how old Bob is starting to look. Jeepers!

Yeah, Beppie- he looks like one giant liver spot!

OtU - I never heard of Bob Falfa. Is he related to Al?

ok lemme put it this way - since i was 17 when i boxed or wrestled i was in the 'super heavyweight' division - i could slam dunk a basketball when i was 14 - a big kid, and now a big adult. my mom, for whatever reason, perhaps out of cheapness (big & tall stores cost more) always bought me clothes that were too small and i walked around for years with my belly and butt cleavage showing most of the time - as you can imagine, this has created for me emotional scars that i will take to my grave - so, when emmancipated and able to afford better clothes, i have always bought clothes that fit - seems reasonable, i don't see any of you little folk running around showing midriff - (now as an adult, girth as well as height has become an issue - i've always been tall, now i am "big" as well - a fact that drives my wife crazy) so here's the deal: last week my wife buys me a shirt that's too small, and she gets mad at me like i'm supposed to know that she's going to buy a shirt that might have fit me in like, 1988 and adjust my body shape to suit. (WTFBBQ?) so, my question for you all is, should i spread sterno on her junk and set it on fire, or what?

Now mudd, step away from the sterno.....

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