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December 15, 2006


(Thanks to PhilinTexas)


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This is what happens when you assume everyone is as illiterate as you are.

Another one of those geniuses with two first names.

I am sure he had it in case he forgot his own name.

It's there because he wanted a tattoo of his girlfriend's name.

Thanks, Phil. I needed a good laugh.

All happening at the Okay Food Store, where our food is, well, it's okay.

um, no one has mentioned that the genius just LEFT when he asked for money and the cashier refused. I guess he missed the class on how to bring a weapon and threaten people.. oh wait, he was probably skipping class that day.

yet another reason that I don't have a tattoo!

Well it IS Texas. They probably just didn't bother to mention that the clerk said no with a sawed off shotgun. "I've got two barrels for you. N and O."

Another Penick-necked geek.

I worked in convience stores for 10 years, the only people I ever told that I was working alone were people I assessed to be of no threat to me at all.
this clerk was correct in her assumption.

I did (kind of) witness a stupider robbery attempt tho,
this guy came in and pointed at the clerk with an object in the pocket of his coat. Then he demanded all the money in the register. The clerk tried to explain to him that it was shift change and the register was performing updating functions and would not open for anyone, no matter what.
The would be robber was beffudled as reciept tape with the days transactions just kept right on automatically puming out of the register no matter what buttons the cleark pushed, I watched the security tape the next day and saw the "robber" get pushed out of the way by a drunk guy behind him who
was very serious about purchacing his munchies from the clerk who was just starting shift.
That all was funny enough but the icing on the cake was that this all happened at midnight on the first clerks (the "robbee") birthday.
All he wanted to do was clock out and go celebrate and then this all happens.
Real life, you can't make this stuff this up...

That is too funny! That sounds like a great movie scene.

Shadow, your take was close, but you have to remember that prison sex is always funnier than masturbation. So your take should have been...

"How do they know it wasn't his boyfriend's name?"

bozos. all of them. dumbos. i'm surprised they havent been elected to public office.

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