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December 31, 2006



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CJ, you're right, mustang's the most over-rated...

"if you've nothing nice to say, say nothing."

and pictionary sux too.

still, happy New Year to all, we've got ten minutes left here.

Happy New Year - MST zone ...

Weeeeee! It's the New Year and boy howdy, it looks like it's gonna be a good 'un!!!

Happy Happy New Year to all my blog pals!

Jazzz, as I've said before, ur a mighty handsome fellow! Bottoms up to Mrs. Jazzz!

Happy days to follow blog friends. I look forward to 2007!

It took me 30 minutes to type this. And a bottle of Korbel. Weeeeee!

Happy Depreciation Day!

Head big. Eyes swollen. Tummy urpy.

Wish it were due to reveling....but I think I've got the flu.

Was in bed asleep by 9pm EST.

Did we have fun???

Punkin' I don't think you have to adoption-hunt any longer; you're pregnant. I, on the other hand, just have morning sickness. Please excuse me while I type my penance out loud.

My Jaguars suck.
Great gosh almighty, my Jags suck.
In the history of suckage, the picture in the encyclopedia next to suck is my Jags.
Paris Hilton does not suck like my Jags.
That sound made by Britney when she tries to rise from a McDonald's booth, is not so much the suction of bare flesh against plastic as it is the sound of my Jags.
The recent investigations by astronomers that lead to the suspicion that dark matter is hooey may be explained by the presence of large pockets of my Jags, behaving like black holes of suckage.
Nine months from now, after a hideously long baseball and basketball season, I will again have unreasonably high expectations for my Jags and any real friends will choose to forget I wrote this, as the enormous, whopping, Bernoulli-esque suckage that is my Jags is a temporary state of affairs.

Oh. And Happy New Year All! Except for Ohio State fans, whom I have to revile and jeer at for 7 more days.

Or, cj, as Letterman once said, they suck so bad they're already mathematically eliminated from next year.

Happy new year.

Feel better CJ?..........good.

My bathtub now drains freely, as I extracted a rubber boot and a sewage encrusted rat from the plumbing by merely waving my Jags over the drain.

I learned last night that if your (or my) sink is stopped up, just pour coke (as in coca cola) into it to clear it. Hmmm...

Be sure and mix the Coke™ with Draino™

LBFF: Thanks for thinking of me. I'm too old and cranky for New Year's Eve in Times Square. I still rang in 2007 with style; feet up, cigar drawing nicely and faithful dog at my side.

Cjr: Ah, the siren call of the aged Mustang... You might get your neice a catalogue from Sacramento Mustang or one of the several fine parts dealers specializing in cleaning out the wallets of vintage pony owners (there are three or more in California, a big one in Texas and one in Virginia. You probably already know them). A power-assist unit for the front brakes makes even drum brakes feel more reliable. And they aren't too expensive. The one I put into my old '65 'Stang allowed me to slow down and eventually stop the car without my mantra/prayer to the Brakes God every time I hit the pedal. At the very least you could get hubcaps.

"Be sure and mix the Coke™ with Draino™..."

...or Mentos.

If not for my dead hard drive, (in other words, the Apple Corp. is currently in possession of my laptop) I'da been here with you all last night. But it's almost as fun to read the bloglit party while under the influence of my cuppa Starbuck's!

Looking forward to another great year with you wonderful people... you make me laugh and keep me sane (well, I suppose that's debatable) more than I can say.


God Bless Us, Everyone!

oops, wrong holiday :)

Mustang lovers oughta rewatch, as I just did, the '90's remake of "Cape Fear," in which DeNiro's red '64 ragtop is upstaged only by Juliette Lewis's ability to suck thumb (not her own).

You were missed, KDF. Happy new year to you too.

StvW, Cjr: Ever been here?


*tosses a pair of sparkly 2007 eyeglasses to stevie, along with another plate of reheated leftovers*

AND, I have a H0neybaked Ham today, too. I'm waiting to see if my kids appreciate the irony, since we all sobbed our way through Charlotte's Web a couple of days ago, cheering all the way for a pork-free holiday season.

I'm thinking they won't. I mean, Wilbur's cute and all, but DANG, that honey ham is delicious.

Oops, was that lightning?

stevie, Cape Fear is, of course, John D. McDonald. And the river that drains from above one of the oldest big cities in the south [Cross Creek], forming the river town that was the first big port [before Charleston], in the south, New Clarendon. Those towns are now skeletons of their former selves, now named Fayetteville and Wilmington, respectively. The actual cape is the beginning of the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

A bittersweet note, my html-fu appears to suck like a certain football team, so I can't seem to link to individual videos. Still, I note the passing of the fabulous Marie Rudisill. There's a video link on that page, then you'll see tiny icons to the right that you can hover over until you find other recordings of Truman Capote's aunt, the Fruitcake Lady.

Shhhhh, ixnay on the ilburway!!

We're having ham and scalloped potatoes for our big dinner tonight. Yummy!

KDF ~ How old are your kids? I ask because my daughter is 8 going on 15 and she's driving me crazy. I don't remember my mother getting stupid and irritating until I was around 13 but apparently *I* am an overachiever.

morning all. happy new year!!

zoodle, i had blue cheese scalloped potatos last night. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

thanks everyone for the good vibes, date went very well. good time was had by all.

Yay, cg, thanks for the update. glad you had fun.

Belated *snork* @ Annie, 4:52. I missed that, as I was busy cooking.

mornin' ... need coffee ...

CG, so glad you had fun! Although dateless, I had a blast too. I even jumped on a trampoline at midnite and managed not to break anything or pee on myself. I believe there are photos to prove it.

Zoodle, my girlchild will be 14 soon. I had the same problem when she was 8 (and every number in between then and now.) I told her (over and over) that she was entitled to her opinions and emotions (mostly exasparation) but that in no way shape or form was she entitled to be disrespectful of me. She still needs reminders but I certainly have a more peaceful household. Good luck to you.

Snorks to CJs suckage!

Good to know that a good time was had by all last night. I was home from dinner with friends by 10:30 pm, and toasted the new year with my 26 yr old son, who was dateless and partyless last night (as was moi). We had champagne and lovely hors doeuvres that he made.


sorry...I'm still enjoying the champagne.

CJ-Love your 9:33am comment. You're funny when your team looses. ;-)

Trailers in Kansas giggle at tornadoes, but tremble on their concrete blocks at the suckage that is my Jags.

Sorry I'm late. I had a transportation problem this morning. Couldn't get my a$$ in gear.

My BC is an 8 year old female named Sadie (black and white). She never herded the little Layzees but she goes ape$hit whenever a bicycle of motorcycle drives by. She tries to herd them.

Unfortunately the ex got custody.

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