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December 18, 2006



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Sure. I believe that.

But I thought Michael Jackson was Matron of Honor.


That is all.

wonders if brittany will have to wear panties to the event.

Twatney is going to advise her. Perfect.

That just boggles the mind, and i don't even care (actually, I can't believe that anyone does)about either of them.

She can advise me," Hilton added

Now that's what I call the twat leading the twit.

She can advise me.
That's good, since she's had sooooo much luck with both of her marriages! Ooh, maybe she can give her some good childcare tips, too.

I looked at the headline and figured, "Seen enough of that one."

Let's start a pool picking the date for the first public announcement of Paris' breakup with The Greek.

I'll go with wedding date + 67 days.

Lets see, something old - my attitude (or my career) . Something new - my brain (never been used). Something barrowed - my boyfriend. Something blue - America, holding their breath hoping I will just in away.

Barrrowed, as in run over by a wheelbarrow? I think it should be her, not her boyfriend. Or maybe both?

However, two people who might not be very excited about the nuptials, will probably be Niarchos’ parents, for they happen to think that the reality TV star is just too “tacky”.

I'm sorry, but I want to know what they said in the original Greek so I can look up the translation myself. "Tacky" is WAY too mild to describe that walking nightmare.

Just don't procreate!


Mornin', Siouxie!

Mornin' Hammie!!!

musta been a slow news week, huh?? we're discussing waste and Paris. Same sh!t, no?

The poor, poor man.

I dunno. If I read it right, we can get rid of Twitney, Paris, and the rest just by eating watermelon, cucumbers and carrots.

and squatting

I just like saying his name. Stavros Stavros Stavros. But then again, I am quite easily amused.

casey, I posted the goat link last night again...still there!!!!

I call 3 months in the divorce pool that is if she makes down the aisle at all.

Sorry for the typo. Can I be forgiven if I fill the wheelbarrow with cement?

Sx, I noticed and thank you! I'm still very hopeful, after all, there are still 7 days left! Burn Bocken Burn!

My wager for the marriage is 7 weeks from the date of the blessed nuptials.

As a wedding gift, Miss Hilton will reportedly be giving her groom a medley of herpes, gonorrhea, and crabs.

Personally, I don't even think they'll get to the hornymoon. Is she still abstaining? Can she use the same engagement ring he gave her before? Do we care?

...I want a fairytale wedding and Britney`s going to be my matron of honour. She can advise me," Hilton added.

Yea, how how to be cheesy, and cheap.

Wonder if she will wear a frontless WHITE gown.

What a waste of protoplasm.

I give it 3 months.

if young stavros niarchos is set
to pre-marital appetites whet
his imagination
needs no occupation
he just has to log on the 'net!

The Louisiana Tart meets the NY slut!

how does this affect her 1 year of celibacy thingy?

Celibacy to brainless Paris is less than two separate guys per 4 hour time frame.

Guess the parent's know a bad thing when they see it.

Paris' parents should be slapped.

I am hoping for some kind of Darwin award. Just remember, you do not have to die to be awarded one.

I'm goin' out on a limb here. I'll give them 10 months. Afterall, she has to stay married long enough to get knocked up twice - according to Twatney's advice.

ROFL - IANMTU - when I tried my last post the secret bot code was 2fukme

Layzee - It must have known you were cominng.


*reaches up to surgically remove an 'n' from previous post...*

"coming." There. That's better.

I think we should ban the bot for the use of such language!

Unless you did a "print screen" I am not going to believe you.

"...the 'Toxic' singer..."

How true. Also, I've decided to be "Ivory Bill Woodpecker" again instead of "Kid Charlemagne". I must go get some sleep before returning to work tonight. Ciao!

Cheese' ... I'll take the Under on that 67 days ...

"Tacky" ... ? Werks fer me ... or mebbe "SuperTacky" ... like Elmer's, or Gorilla Glue?

(WARNING: GEEZER ALERT FOR FOLLOWING MATERIAL ...) Or else ... I'm also thinkin' of Pete Seeger's ... and they're all made out of Ticky-Tacky ... and they all look just the same ...

/end geezer alert - time to get back to drivin' the Geezer Bus ...

Wonder how fast the twitnick would run away if the Stavros parent's cut the idiot off?

Doesn't she have to remain celebate for a few more months? Don'tcha remember that previous claim from the airhead?

Dude, the celibacy thing lasted less than.. what was it... oh, 2 months I believe. Maybe she just doesn't know how to count.

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