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December 15, 2006


The PTA store at my daughter's school is out of squishy balls and might beans.


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and then the seasonal depression set in.

I hope that Sophie bought your present already, Dave. Gotta love squishy balls in your stocking; they go well with the Wii under your tree.

might beans? I think I need a few of those.

There goes my Christmas shopping.

Might beans & squishy balls? Say it ain't so!

I'm off to work - be be back later!!

For all who are interested...I posted a link to my famous crap cam photos from last night's Carl Hiaasen book signing at the previous post.

squishy balls and might beans may very well be a medical condition.

Siouxie,I'm interested, but the link is asking for a password.

sly, from previous posts, the password is "susy", but when I clicked through, the Hiaasen album was empty. :(

Of course, now I just checked again, and it's working.


No more mighty beans, you say,
No more squishy balls?
Merrily lighting up our way
Through education's halls?

What's next? No Christmas trees, to light
Our hallow'd high school's paths,
To Logic, Trigonometry
And other forms of maths?

No Greek, nor French, nor Japanese?
How can we learn the mottos
Of folks who talk like Sophocles,
"S'il vous plait" or "Arigato?"

I'd love to add a dozen verses
To this silly rhyme,
But bell has rung, my class disperses,
And I don't have the time.

However, we have a good stock of Certain Beans. *rimshot*


So the sign means they were has-beans?

Maybe there was too much outgassing in the stockroom...

Methinks that Mighty Beanz is what they meant.

Proof again that you can't rely on spellczecher to catch everything.


Sorry guys (sly and sg), had to move the pics to another "album".
The pw is always "susy"

Carl Hiaasen

sounds like something out of harry potter

What is with the periwinkle shirt on Dave? Was there some horrible laundry accident? Bleach on a blue shirt?

Chris, I have a feeling it's not the shirt...it's my crap cam.

Carl was also wearing a nice shade of blue...must be a Herald uniform thing...

Siouxie, is Hiaasen as stone cold sexy as he appears in your pictures, and if so, how did you keep your hands off of him? Geez, now i'm not gonna be right for the rest of the day.

ww, where do you think my hand was?? hmmm?? hehehe

He is pretty hot and a great smile...gorgeous eyes. He was laughing cuz ec had just told him the blog gals wanted a "smoldering look". He said he reads the blog from time to time.

hi carl!!

So then the terrorists have won.

I am proud to say I have finally converted my wife to both Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry books. I do not think she will blog, While we were on vacation she finished the latest dexter book by Jeff Lindsay and I talked her in to reading "Double Whammy" and "Big Trouble". I think she will be reading all of them now.

i'm not easily grabbed by someone in a photograph Siouxie, but hot damn, he looks good enough to sink my teeth into. when i come down in February, i'll definitely check to see where he is signing books and have him sign something for me. is it hot in here?

Are Might Beans anything like Magic Beans? 'Cause if so, I don't think you want to deal with that stalk and giant and all that anyway.

I saw Carl Hiaasen once. He's way hot!

Thank you, Siouxie, those pics were awesome. I have my autographed book from when he was in Orlando, my friend up there said he is a true hottie! I'm so jealous!

ww & nemeaux - yep it is and yep he is

Wow, I just saw a pic of Carl. Muy delicious! Unfortunately, the picture I saw also showed he had a wedding ring on his finger :(

welcome, bali! he is a hottie...I'm jealous of Mrs. Hiaasen!!!

yes, Val...unfortunately...he is taken.


all the good and cute ones are!

Or interested in other men, Siouxie (NTTAWRT)

maybe might beans get too noisy later in the day...........

In Siouxie's first picture Carl's profile reminds me of Hugh Laurie.

might beans
are the right beans
for me - and the one i love

i said might beans
are the right beans
for me - and the one i love

serve 'em cold or hot
fix up a big pot
of what i'm thinkin' of

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