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December 15, 2006


Mice on a Plane

(Thanks to many people, with Ms. Wheezer first)


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When I saw this today, i thought of the movie, too.

After seeing his Dad bested by the tiny rodent in his attempts to capture it, one passenger, a young black and white cat who gave his name only as "Son", hung his head and moaned, "My own father, I'm so ashamed."

So, what, the guy had to bring his own lunch?

Story continues: "The police were able to make a quick identification due to the distinctive brand, 'El Ranchero Mickey de Corey Alan Penick' (with cute logo) on each mouse's furry little neck."

If they HAD the snakes on the plane, the mice wouldn't have been a problem. This is why Yemen Airlines has been hiring spectacled cobras as air marshals.

Yeah, how the hell did mice pass through inspection? Not that I would feel safe at all flying a Saudi owned airline in the first place. I would have been screaming too. "What??! What??! Do the mice have little bombs in them??!!"

"Stowaway Mice" WBAGNFARB featured on Radio Disney.

They musta chewed right through their one quart plastic ziplock baggie thingy.

Speaking of one quart clear plastic ziplock baggies...I got a box today and (IANMTU), in the back, there are several pics of how they can be used...to store food...etc. There is one last pic of a baggie with small personal items...for travel.

The authorities detained the owner of the bag ...to investigate how he had managed to board the aircraft carrying live mice...

I'd rather know WHY than how. Was he bringing a food supply to the snake he was also smuggling in his...ah, never mind.

Mice are very valuable.

In some countries, mice are used instead of currency. A donut might be worth one half of a mouse. (Most people buy two donuts. You do not want to know how they make change.)

Your average hooker is worth about 40 mice. (That WOULD be a hooker with most of her arms and legs intact.)

A case of beer would be worth 15 mice.

This guy was probably traveling to buy 2 donuts, a case of beer, and a hooker with at least one arm and a leg.

I completely understand it.

I can just imanie Sammy Jackson yelling, "We gotta get these mothf@%*ing mice off this motherf@%*ing plane!"

(But really, is the mice story more interesting than the "hermaphroditic deer with 7 legs" teaser???)

I made the Dave Barry Blog? *sigh* It's going to be a good Christmas after all...

Oh, and eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

Obviously, this is the prequel to Snakes on a Plane.

The next one will be Mongoose on a Plane.

Nice to know the Saudis take airport security so seriously. Sheesh.

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