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December 19, 2006


Or is that a scorpion in your jeans?

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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(curls into fetal position)

(sucks thumb)

I'm just happy to see you.

No. Not scorpions. No, dear God, no.

yikes...and ouchie!

good thing it was just the knee...and the finger...coulda been worse (iykwim)

The story was even worse than the headline. I'll be over curled up next to Mud.

crosses chinese jeans off my Christmas list.

I think that's one of the new additions in the ongoing trade talks... . China reserves the right to randomly slip scorpions into various exports.
They're still going back & forth over the numbers, though.

If there was a stinger in her pants wouldn't that make her a transvestite?

(no, not happy)

*slightly off-topic...but slightly on-topic...but...oh hell, anyways...

Over in the fun land of Saudi Arabia we used to catch scorpions and camel spiders at night and let them fight in a trash can. Scorpions won everytime and then take about 2 hours to eat the spider. Tons of fun during a mid-shift in the desert.

*hurries over to fill out the PETA acceptance application*

So, if I go out to buy jeans this week, I should first throw them on the floor and jump on them for a few minutes, shouting DIE SCORPION, DIE before trying them on?

Does it count for submitting an article if I am the subject of said article?

glad to read that they were fighting in trash cans blurk and not in your pants. although that would have been way more entertaining for everyone else.

I like the Mae West reference, Dave.

Great, like trying to find a pair of jeans that fit wasn't traumatizing enough as it is.

God, I hate scorpions. I can take spiders; snakes don't even faze me. I can even deal with those giant Amazonian hissing cockroaches, and mice and rats make decent pets, under the right circumstances.

But scorpions? I can't even look at them without getting the heebie-jeebies. I think that if this happened to me, I'd never wear pants again in my life.

We probably would have tried the pants thing, cg, except there's no alcohol allowed over there.

*joins mud and CH in the curled-up position*

I doubt Stowaway Scorpions would ever be a problem in a kilt.

blurk, you don't need to finish that application to PETA. trust me, don't waste your time. you could put the effort into blowing up more of those cheesy inflatible santas. everyone should use the talents they were given for making the world a better place.

DPS--unless they were doing a little caber tossing.

Yeah, DPS, but that still leaves the shirt and shoes as possibilities.

Anyone know any good nudist colonies? With high-speed internet access?

Hey Lady, did you get stung in Jordass?

*SNORK* @ Chaz


Are these related to the scorpions in the Southwest that climb up on your ceiling at night and drop down on your bed?
Yes. They. Are.

LOL Chaz...and a pantless, kiltless CH!

If there was ever a reason for a woman to be glad she is not a man, it would have to be when trying on pants with a scorpion in it.

In light of that, AWbh, nudist colonies in the Southwest need not apply.

Actually, I bet there are some of you that wouldn't mind at all finding Scorpions in your pants.

*orders CH some Arizona jeans*

Must hurt to get stung on the southern end of Okinawa.

Punkin - it's known as an 'Okin-owie.'

A few years ago, I was awakened by what I THOUGHT was my husband tapping me on the elbow. I ignored him, and he did it again, so I elboewed him and my arm caught on fire! I screamed and tried to climb out of bed, but he thought I was having a nightmare,so he pulled me back and I got stung on my a$$. I thought it was a wasp, but after he dismantled the bed, he found a scorpion in my pillow case. Nothing I've felt before or since even approached that level of pain.

At least it was just the knee and the finger, just sayin'.

I watched a show on the discovery channel that said scorpions were 3 feet long and had stingers the size of a human fist back in prehistoric day. So I guess you can be glad that changed huh?

DTR, I was telling my story to my bro-in-law, and he recalled he'd been stung on the eyebrow the summer before. I gave him First Place.

ouch! bali!! I can deal with most critters...never had to worry about a scorpion though.

Lets keep it that way.

Uh-oh, looks like scorpions are the new fashion trend.

Boy, it is nice to live in a place that gets so cold it kills all the kritters each winter!

Art - looks like they can still get really big. WARNING on this one.

Once I put on a pair of jeans not knowing that a wasp had gotten trapped in there while they were hanging on the washing line, but a scorpion must be much worse!

OMG, Annie, I really didn't need to see that picture. YIKES!

JESUS H! Annie!

wowsa....on both links!

artchick - I did the same dang thing. Owie!!

CH?? let me know if you find that nudist (critter-free) colony, k???

me and my cuban jordass will be on the way.

One "fun" *shudder* thing about scorpions (not that anything about poisonous, stinging creatures can possibly be fun) is that they glow under black lights.
I know this because I had a couple of crazy (need I even say it) guy friends that wend scorpion hunting with black-light flashlights they made with LEDs

The story continues...

When she rubbed the area with her hand, the scorpion then stung her right index finger.

When she put her hand to her mouth, the scorpion stung her tongue. When she swallowed involuntarily, the scorpion stung the inside of her esophagus. Then this lady swallowed a bird, a bird, a bird, how obsured! She swallowed the bird to eat the scorpion, but I don't know why she swallowed the scorpion. Perhaps she'll die?

Scorpion Soup
½ cup vegetable oil
30-40 live scorpions, washed
125g fresh pork
1 large garlic bulb, crushed
fresh ginger root, about 3cm, chopped
salt and pepper
½ litre water
1 handful dried Chinese dates
1 handful dried red berries
1 large carrot, sliced
Heat the oil in a large wok. Stir-fry the scorpions for 20 seconds. Add the pork, garlic, salt and pepper. Stir-fry briefly, then add the water slowly. Add the other ingredients and simmer on a low heat for 40 minutes

I love Google

Hey Rachel Ray - eat this!

(waiting for the bird to slide my way...)

Hammond - I saw a photo of scorpion soup on Google....just disgusting.

I was curious about the washing of 30-40 live scorpions. Sounds like a fun-filled event for all participants.

You have to be careful when washing them. Sometimes they're a bit ticklish.

Even though they were being skewered alive and then dropped into boiling oil, I could not muster any sympathy for the scorpions.

But to eat them? No.



While living in Irvine California I went to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and saw something scamper across the floor. It turned out to be a Centrodies Scorpion. Nasty little beast. I called the exterminator and has him gas the entire place. After that I never put on anything without shaking it out very well.

((hugs Baligirl)) and snork at elbowing the husband

Dave, we don't have to blog anything else about scorpions do we?

baligirl, I sincerely hope that your husband was appropriately contrite after causing you a second sting.

CH - I agree - maybe this would make up for her pain.

Well, he did make a paste of Adolph's Meat Tenderizer and water for the stings...it's what we use on jelly fish stings. Then when I mentioned my feelings were hurt, because I was a Scorpio, and where's the love, he laughed himself silly,while calling "Ask-a-Nurse". Always nice to bring smiles to people's faces.

Wow, Awbh, that took some serious googling. It's pretty and all, but...I just don't think it's really ME, if you know what I mean. I did like the other pic, the 1:23 post. Can I have one of those? The pretty, human one, I mean!

bali - I agree. That human was quite the hunk. But his partner ruined my fantasy.

do these jeans make my butt look big or is it the anaphyllactic shock?

Siouxie, I belong to one outside of Phoenix. Unfortunately I have seen scorpions there.

dang...nevermind then...

Siouxie - it's ok. The scorpions are naked, too, so they're allowed to be there.

*CH--I believe I'm going to ask my husband to consult with you bwfore buying any more presents that I don't want*

excuse me, do these jeans make by bugs look big?

(apologies if someone already asked this)

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