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December 18, 2006


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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The Horror The Horror

I am running out of stuff to say folks.

Hey Lindsey:
[verb] my [noun]

As an actual member of the International Red Cross - we can only help if her pole gets flooded.

Isn't this what stunt doubles are for?

I remember the joke about Flashdance that Jennifer Beales didn't do her own dancing but that she did live with a family of welders for a week to prepare for the role.

woo hooo....yay me!!

*gets on the stage to do the happy posted pole dance*

*flips over and clunks her head with the pole*


Yay, Siouxie!

Yay, Siouxie!!

You can throw heavy cement objects at me if you want, but she's got a nice butt.

That was "Yay! for the posting, not the fall off of the pole.

Siouxie, you should put warnings on stuff like this. something like 'If you don't want to permanently blind yourself or lose your lunch, do not click here'. even in that publicity still she looks, well, skanky.

aww blurk...thanks! *blushes*

oh you mean LiLo?? that's not her...that's how she may appear.

Blurk, do not touch without running it through the Crustastun.

Verdampten Bot.

LOL I was wondering, Hammie...sheesh

ww, I somehow doubt the blog dudes mind (see blurk's previous post.)

Punkin - As an actual member of the International Red Cross - we can only help if her pole gets flooded.
Or if the pole becomes stuck in a stink sink hole.

"We should give these women credit."

Shoot, won't they take dollar bills anymore?

Why is it again that we pay a guy a bazillion dollars to catch a ball when girls get paid with dollar bills to do this?

WHOOP Siouxie!!! I haven't been able to do that in awhile. And Cheryl...VERY good point. Can I pay her a bazillion to catch MY [noun]?

Jazzzzie?? what haven't you been able to do in a while??

pole dance??

Can I pay her a bazillion to catch MY [noun]?

Posted by: Jazzzz | 09:16 PM on December 18, 2006

Catch my what??? pole?


I came back to this thread for one reason, because something belatedly penetrated my thick skull.

Jennifer Beals didn't do her own dancing? That seems ridiculous. Flashdance wasn't done in the era of CGI. I smell an urban legend.

Whut I've been sorta wonderin' about is whut Siouxie wuz lookin' for, that led her to this ...

CJ, everyone knows that Jennifer Beals didn't do her own dancing...it was a french dancer Marine Jahan.

OtheU, I will confess...

I was looking into alternative forms of exercise...I heard that pole dancing was good for the circulation.

you can take that any way you want!


Pole dancing only improves the circulation of the men of the male gender watching the ladies of the female gender dancing with the pole of the neuter gender.

OtU; thanks for the wireless tips.

Sio, I always wonder when people say 'everybody knows.' That doesn't make much sense to me. It was not as if Beals was a famous person, prior to that movie. Perhaps she was, but I had never heard of her and it doesn't make sense that they would have a body/ dance double for an unknown. Seems fishy, to me. I suppose if a director was determined to cast her, they may have doubled her. Seems suspect, to me.

OMG. I plugged in the movie. What an awful movie. Not only is that not Beals, dancing, that is one of the worst movies ever made. Sio, I bow to your movie savvy!

*sends a jar of anal bleach to Lindsay*

CJ, I saw the movie when it first came out and it was an OK movie back then. AND, it was a huge deal back then when it was discovered that Beals needed a dancing double since she herself coudn't. That french dancer had her 15 mins of fame.

I wouldn't watch that movie today though LOL it's bad. very 80's.

*snork* Alan

Siouxie, the french dancer was in "Fame" too??

Layzee, I don't know...I only heard of her after Flashdance.

"i Know who Killed me."

once again, Lindsay proves herself a great intellect of the ages.

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