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December 13, 2006



(Thanks to KC Steve)


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*waits patiently for mud's entry*

Was it really necessary to specify it was a woman's toilet?

No, Jazzzz, it wasn't. I mean, it had the cute little bowl of soaps on the back of it and everything.

I miss you guys!!!!!!

but not the snakes...sheesh...

Not to mention that the seat was down. Duh.

ahhhhh a couple of simuls to boot!! thanks CH ;-)

Siouxie, you gotta get that work computer feexed. Or take your laptop with you.

It's not the computer..it's our network I think. I've already tried a few things...nothing. So I called our IT gal...waiting for her instructions. She's got all the pw's so I can't check.

grrrrrr believe I'm having withdrawals!!!! I can read all the posts. I just can't post.

mostly nocturnal carpet pythons WBAGNFARB

mostly nocturnal carpet python IAGNF my...pet python

so in only comes out at night, blurk?

in = it

I've forgotten how to type already...geez.

I said MOSTLY, siouxie. 'Course lately he's in hibernation.

Siouxie, try this out tomorrow from the office. (If that link doesn't work, just go to http://www.proxybrowsing.com and enter the URL for this site, http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/.)


I feel your pain, blurk...

uh..I mean your python's pain

(Doesn't look like the first link will work, so do try the second method.)

What's that do, CH??

I refuse to touch blurk's python.

Take that every way you can.

Nevermind - I read it CH... I'll try it and see if it works.

Thankssssssss & smooooooooochies!!!!

*waves @ Punkin*

If the problem is that your firewall is blocking this domain, then what a proxy browser will do for you is fetch the content from here and resend it to your computer from an unblocked domain.

It's basically a sneaky way to get around the restrictions that our evil IT overlords dedicated IT admins place on our activities.

well I'm off for a while...gonna have drinks with some friends to celebrate one's final divorce!!!!!

Just for a while, huh...? :-D

Wow, great tip CH! I suspect many a frustrated bloglit will thank you. :)

Siouxie - So who's the lucky guy?

*waits for expected response*

Briefly back on topic, I can't imagine a septic tank
was "a good place to hide during the day and hunt for frogs." Uh-Uh. That python was poking up through the toilet, gasping for breathable air. I don't buy frogs, either. My, Boogerly opinion is it went in through the toilet and was trying to get back out once he checked out the neighborhood!

No problem, KDF. Of course, using it to circumvent the limitations placed on one's Internet usage by our evil IT overlords friends in the IT department may be a career-limiting move, so I urge y'all to use appropriate caution... or consider keeping your resumes up-to-date.

Uh, pogo, I'd start running NOW if I were you. I think Siouxie's still got that tanker full of hot wax on call.

Your safe, pogo, as Sio can't run too fast w/ a hiney full of Heiney!

Hey, Rocky - watch me pull a python out of my toilet!

Whoops, wrong toilet!!

Anybody else learn last night (while watching the Grinch) that the voice of little Cindy Loo Who was also the voice of Rocky the flying squirrel???

Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?

Punkin: No. Tuesday night is for House.

Did't know that Punkin "Loo Woo" Poo They don't look related

Plumbers dont charge enough

*envisions giant python head peering out of toilet*

*Thinks of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets*


Hmm pogo?? how would you like that bikini wax?? with or without alcohol intake sedation???

CJ, my heiny is full of vodika...and I can still torture wax pogo.

Hey Rocky, watch me read the blog backwards!

By Australian standards, a python is as harmless as a mouse.

Not that I want to find a mouse in my toilet, mind you.

""The tank was obviously a great home, because the snake was so fat and healthy it was it difficult to retrieve," he said, adding that the nonpoisonous snake will be released."

I wonder how many women the snake ate, before anyone noticed. Snakes don't get fin that kind of health overnight.

Sorry to be so late, but here it is. (I promise the next one will be better. Or at least longer.)

I live in your a55, where I wriggle and slide
I'm a snake in the a55 and I say it with pride
If you should encounter me don't feel alarmed,
I promise an a55 snake will do you no harm.


This is a test of the emergency blogcast system. (and to see if I can blog via CH\\\'s sneaky alternative method.

Please stay tuned.

*grabs the extra \\\\\\\'s*


Thank you CH!!! mucho smoochies for you!!!!!

Yay, Siouxie!

Hey Ham!!!

I\\\'m using that proxy browsing site CH told me about..so it\\\'s obviously something my network is blocking. I don\\\'t care as long as I\\\'m here!!! yay!

only drawback is..it adds a \\\\\\\\ or several every time there is an apostrophe.

Whoo hoo!

I thought this was something the blog should know about - especially that scary final paragraph where they say they're going to loose the fat, happy snake on an unsuspecting world.

Oh, and Clean Hands - the proxy I have to fight with at work blocks that site because it's classed as 'Proxy Avoidance'. Gee, d'ya think?

Ah well, at least I can get here.

*wonders how the snake got "fat and healthy" living in a septic tank* SHUDDER

KCSteve, clearly our evil IT overlords helpful IT service providers are on to us. Be very careful where you point your br-


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