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October 23, 2006


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to DavCat14)

VAGUELY RELATED LINK: Why Dogs Hate Halloween

(Thanks to Barbara Condenzio)

UPDATE: Now dogs are fighting back.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


(Thanks to Nachum "Nachum Hurvitz" Hurvitz)


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Ew. That is all.

Crappy costume! EWWWWWW

Did I mention yet that work today is sucking moose a$$? Well, it is, and the fact that the firewall is protecting me is NOT making it any better.

I dunno - I kind of like the Man-Eating Shark costume.

LOL love the Elvis and Spider Pup!!

that's why dogs HATE their owners...I won't even attempt it with my two...they'll chew it up..throw it up and I get to clean it! no thanks!

Dave, are you purposely picking links that get firewalled? Keep this up and I'll have to do work or sumpthin'.

The spider pup and the Harry Potter reference are my two favorites. The hot dogs ought to be in the running, too.

OK. I can get to one of those three links. I gotta say that if your dog bursts into flame while taking a leak, there might be a problem.

If you want to see more animals in costume, go to the Petsmart site. They are having a costume contest. Sad (but funny) what folks do to their animals.

blurk, should I even attempt mailing you the links??? think they'll work??

Chris too...

Siouxie, thanks but I don't think that will work.
Damn gubmint censorship.

Oh, c'mon now - the yard decor IS funny, especially as it made the cops stop.

As always, this has been most enlightening & entertaining, but I must go. TTFN

"Click to embiggen"?

must be a British saying...

'rub to embiggen'

The dog, the dog, the dog is on fire!

Oh, and "embiggen" is a perfectly cromulent word.

that spider dog is the CUTEST thing i've ever seen....i'm definitely going to have to use it as my av on the msg board. ;)

I have got to get me some airplanebits and human body parts. Especially since I live right under the take-off patern for the local municipal airport.

Aw man Count Chocula was sold out.

You gotta admit it's very original and pretty cool too...I still have had NO time to decorate the front of my house but I have body parts and fake smog...& remote controlled eerie sounds ;-)

I love Halloween!

judi, that was my favorite!! SOOOOOO cute! I used to have a spider costume like that...my Mom made me and the ex for a contest - we won lol...

siouxie - and after the contest, you tore his head off and ate him?

Siouxie:my Mom made me and the ex for a contest

Did she win the contest?

DPC, that only really works well on Halloween night if you can arrange to have the fire trucks and police vehicles there, lights flashing, and all.

Of course, do a good enough job of the decorations, and they'll show up. Smoke bombs will help with the realism, as will a Costco-sized can of catsup or three.

Click to embiggen?

shhhhhhhhh insom....

ok Mr. PICKY! so I shoulda said the ex and I ;-P

*learnt much grammar from the cuba*

does the condom costume come [ahem] in plus sizes too??
just askin.

Smoke bombs and Costco catsup I can do.
I could probably also enlist the help of my volunteer fireman neighbor.

I made a Devilled Egg costume several years ago. Nobody got it, I had to explain it. It's tought here in the Bible Belt...

IANMTU! My ex (yes, he who shall not be named), and I went to a party when we lived in California. He went as a penis (we wrapped a skin colored sheet around him. He made the 'head' out of paper mache,very detailed (him being an artist and all). The tip had a hole where he'd spray water out of. Needless to say it was the HIT of the party. I wish we would have taken pictures - everyone else did!

oh I went as an Alien Ho. Don't ask.

gee, my ex didn't need a costume to be a dick.

I wonder if Bailey, that little fireball of a dog answers to the name of Sparky?

Speaking of the Holy Shit costume... My neighbors once went to a Halloween party dressed respectively as Holy Shit and Bull Shit. Or, as their little kids said, a brown angel and a cow.

Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier also cut power to 148 homes by cocking a leg against a faulty pylon.

I love dogs. I have two of them. I cried when I saw (like 10 minutes ago) that a dog across the street is now getting along on just 3 legs. But I don't know which is funnier... Bailey catching fire from peeing on a live wire or Bailey "cocking his leg against a pylon". Gary the owner should have been happy with Bailey cocking every other houseguest's leg, and then this wouldn't have been a problem.

Did anyone else notice that the guy with the airplane thing is from the same place as George Heaven (pilot of the Rubber Bandit, an article Dave wrote about in '97-i think.)? Does this tell you something about Van Nuys?

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