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October 23, 2006


One can learn.

(Thanks to Neva Cheatwood)


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Some lessons are better left unstudied. Just sayin'...

Exposing yourself can get you arrested.

I'd rather stay unexposed...thankuverymucho...

I have a feeling I should be glad they don't give us sound on our computers at work.

I couldn't understand a word. Thank God.

heh. There is an entire show called, "Top 100 videos" it shows some really insane stuff. Type it in and see if you tube still has it.

Y'know, I didn't see a dart involved in the murder of that defenseless balloon.

I don't think one was needed.

Remind me to never, EVER participate in a studio audience for a Japanese talk show of any sort.

I didn't really want to know that much about Japanese culture. I was really willing to stick with an indepth knowledge of sushi and figure I was an expert.

Don't you know that somewhere in Japan there are folks on a blog shaking their heads in wonder over some film clip from the Jerry Springer Show? Or how about Conan O'Brien? Explain THAT humor to a foriegner.

(by the way, didn't you love the way the guy holding the microphone winced at every fart?)

darn work just blocked youtube....

Since the firewall is still protecting me, could someone (anyone) please describe this video.

I just realized ou should see Matsumoto. Very funny guy. He was in a show where if he laughed, he got hit. The show would try to get him to laugh. Like C3PO appearing in the middle of the night pushing a baby Darth Vader.

Conan would be loved by all Japanese..

Chris, I haven't seen the video yet...can't turn on the speakers here at work...sorry ;(

かぜけく゚ぞ めら まゅぇぁま!!!

I will say So Des but I don't know what you wrote. Still just a beginner in the language.

I found this amusing.

They love Conan in Finland! He looks like their president you know. She should be flattered!

not sure knowledge of Japanese is required to understand a fart joke (good *or* bad). i mean, when it comes to humor, farts pretty much transcend language barriers, right?

This is just so Japanese -- typical main-line humor.

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