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October 17, 2006


Not us.

(Thanks to Dave Naithani from Germany)


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The only thing that could make it better is an appearance by Walter.

Um, yeeaaaahhh. and have you read the memo on the TPS reports? Yeeeaaaahhhh.

that video sucked. peereeeod.

I saw enough...it's right up there with Paris' video....oh and Hoff's car beaut!

Yeah, that's pretty bad, but then there's that one with Leonard Nimoy singing a song about Bilbo Baggins....also... at this Indian restaurant I like they have a large screen TV in a corner constantly showing Indian music videos. I've seen several there that could rival this one.

It's captivating. I couldn't turn away. I wanted to, but I couldn't. I think that might be a cult or something. I have this strange thirst for Koolaid suddenly.

These guys watched ABBA one too many times........

Argh.. it's absurdly catchy and now I have it stuck in my head...

ACK! I've seen this . . . recently . . . Is it TNT? or TVLand? Some cable station advertises a Friday night movie special, and it's creepy looking people EXACTLY LIKE THIS, hosting the show.

Okay, that little 1:48 hip shake had me in danger of losing my job I wanted to laugh so hard.

The Soul Train clearly did not make a stop in Finland.

Me thinks they are still watching reruns of Solid Gold instead.

Oh wow. It just keeps getting more and more inexplicable...

I wonder what their choreographer was on. Looks like an overdose of Eurovision.

it's like... lawrence welk meets the hitler youth meets the planet that skin pigmentation forgot ...

I dunno, the humping conga line kinda turned me on.

I had to turn on my Microsoft Media Player to prevent this from getting stuck in my head. Fortunately I had some GOOD music to listen to. Even Barry Mannillow would have been better.

Holy freaking hell, the Finns scare me sometimes.

I say that every day, CH.

They scare us all, CH. They scare us all.

It was too painful, I had to shut it down after the first 15 seconds...

I'm with Pretty Enough - I can't get this thing out of my head now!

Can we play Huck Finn, and start hucking the cheerleaders over the side of the spacecraft?

HOLY Rock Hallelujah, Penny! They looks like Klingons!

Penny, you should have put a warning on that link.

*note to self: do not ever, EVER go to Finland*

My goodness, that wasn't very good at all, was it?

On the other hand, it's probably better than some of the music videos MTV shows these days (providing you can find them, that is).

This explains so much about my Finnish friends... poor bastards never even had a chance.

Okay, I probably have laughed so hard at least once before in my life, but dayum that was funny!

It started with the Lawrence Welkishness of the lead singers, coupled with their strange attire choices (he's the epitome of the swinging 70s, she's obviously taken Donna Reed as her style maven), but the giggles just exploded when the insane androgynous cheerleaders wiggled their way through the singers. I'm actually giddy.

The Finns are certainly strange rangers all.

oh my.

That is all.

I haven't enjoyed a video so much since the aforementioned Leonard Nimoy danced with the hobbits... The disco ball certainly was a dash of panache...

I love that they shamelessly steal from Grease at the end there. This is horrible. And funny. Kind of like a car crash--just can't help looking.
Me-I thought it looked familiar too! TVLand is using something similar for their promos. How sad is it that someone out there actually has seen this before?

Penny - I'll give them credit. They were scary!

As for Dave's German video, I couldn't keep the laughter in at about 1:30 into it. HAHAHAHAA!

"Penny, you should have put a warning on that link"

Sorry. :) I will try and remember that in the future.

(Note to Self: Warn people before posting links to Finnish heavy metal bands performing in the Eurovision Song Contest)

Actually, the really scary part is that they won.

Where can we get Dave a shirt like that fancy little singin' guy in blue?

...and why would they steal grease? wasn't that on The Simpson's?

I can't wait to not go to Finland with Lazeeee

*finds "Y" for Layzee and shuts up now*

Hey! I lost ten pounds with that video-- "Sweatin' with the Finns".

Don't forget the Hoff when we're talking about awesome videos...

'But I don't WANT to wear the puffy shirt!'

A couple of people have already mentioned the Leonard Nimoy "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" video - for those of you who haven't seen it, I have to agree that it is, remarkably, even worse than this Finnish one. See for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC73PHdQX04.

Well, now we know where Michael Jackson stole the crotch-grab from.

I think the only way to top this video is to have them do it again today with the same people, same choreography (term used loosely), and same costumes- Just as long as it is shown between mealtimes.

The guy in the music video = Prince Adam from Masters of the Universe

Either this has been blogged before or I sent it in last month. I can't remember which, but I've definitely suffered/laughed through it before.

At first I hoped it was an exercise video -- then I hoped they were trying to be so bad it was funny -- then I lost all hope (except the hope that it would hurry up and end.)


Are you having trouble getting those BobbieSoxers out of your head too? I can help. Try this classic on for size:

Cure for Earworms

If that one didn't cure the earworm, this one is sure to...

Not for the easily offended!!!

atleast their hands werent made of bananas

hmmm... i think my computer has really good taste cos it refused to load the video...

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