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October 17, 2006


Get the facts.

(Thanks to Peter "Elegant Rap Fan" Flanagan)


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What happened to divorce?

I say let 'em die and swell up, then shoot 'em and listen for the poof.

Wouldn't it depend on how fresh the carcass is? Cos...BBQ. I'm just sayin'...

Extension Swine Husbandry WBAGNF a men's support group. ;)

*snork* bali - both times - you were thinkin what I was thinkin' ---- bbq!

Well, part of it makes good BBQ. Then there's the bacon and ham and sausage and ...

bali, I read all their 'methods' and, surprisingly, BBQ is NOT one of them...UNBELIEVABLE huh??

A succession of mesophilic and thermophilic microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes, feed on the organic substrates to produce carbon dioxide, water, minerals, and a stabilized organic matter called Kevin Federline.

Thank you, Dave, for your restraint in not making fun of:

Peter R. Ferket
Department of Poultry Science

The optimum temperature for microbial activity is 550C? I don't think so. Incubators run at 37C.

Why don't they just feed the dead pigs to the pigs? Pigs will eat anything.

{XMY Experienced Body Disposal Professional}

I see that if you have an alligator farm handy, no problemo.


XMY, remind me to never really make you mad.

Also, remind me to clean out my lime pit, speaking of body disposal...

*backs slowly away from XMY*

How zackly did you become "experienced"?

Um...in that particular field I mean.
I wasn't askin' about...ya know...um...nevermind.

"Swine Carcass" is still a step up for MY Ex.... So far, he's made it to "rabid skunk pus".

And yeah.....Rabid Skunk Puss WBAGNFApunkB.

You can compost a pig?!? Nature's inswinerator...who knew?

You can compost a pig?!? Nature's inswinerator...who knew?

Wyo, would your alternative process result in exploding pigs? Maybe we'll have better luck with those.

I think you have to shred it first, marfie.

Mmmm, shredded pork BBQ...

Can we compost K-Fed? Oh wait, wrong thread.

Where they exist already, fire ants will handle this problem just fine. They are piranhas on land.

QUITTIN' TIME!! Woooooooo hoooooo!!

*off to do ma hair* *hairflip*

See ya's!

sorry for that double posting up there - no clue why that happened.

I've also heard that pigs will eat about anything. But who wants to eat a cannibal pig? Maybe mad swine disease?

After burial, the pigs slowly decompose until they are unrecognizable after a few years.

Sadly, many of my friends in the lab animal business can say the same thing unless they are the recipients of some of the really odd tests that are going on around here.

Peter R. Ferket
Department of Poultry Science

I read it as Peter R. Ferret which, you have to admit, would be a lot funnier.

Dealing with dead ex...err...farm animals. Actually back in the day, when I was with my first ex to be, while we were but wee teens, before he was my husband, he worked on a pig farm. I went to "assist" him one day so he could get his chores completed quick. I saw in a pen a momma pig and a bunch of babies...a couple were dead and greenish and the babies were eating away at the dead ones and almost had them swallerd up...

*pauses for involuntary gag reflex*

The b/f assured me the pigs ate their dead all the time. Pigs leave no evidence, they in essence, clean their plates!

Pigs WILL eat just about anything. I raised 2 teenaged boys. They drew the line at my Grandmother's beet jello, though. Apparently they have standards, however low.

whew. glad i'm kosher

Um, XMY, can you find that farm again? There's a guy from another board needs droppin' off...

Bali, any pig farm for that *"#&%$ will do...we can do a "drive by". I'm ready...been ready.

In regards to my first EX....our divorce was a friendly uncontested agreement! He just simply smiled and signed at all the X's.

YAY! Meanwhile, we'll play nice to lull him into a false sense of security...

OH gross. I was eating!

Sorry, Beppie. Hope it wasn't pork chops. (heheheh)

OH my gosh! I thought the pig stuff was gross, I just saw the "beet gelatin" post. That is just incredibly wrong. I wouldn't feed beets to my dogs.

baligurl, that was wrong and entirely uncalled for.

Which makes it even better.


Couldn't agree more, Beppie.

I used to make beet loaf, if anyone wants the recipe?

(of course, i actually like beets)

This was sliced beets in red jello, topped with a mixture of mayo, onions, and celery. My eldest son called it "The Gates Of Hell" salad.

Peter Flanagen also = Great Elfan Nap

I don't know what that means exactly.

Thanks, blurk. I'm tryin' ta learn from you.

"Gates of Hell Salad" WBAGNF.... beet jell0.

That is disturbing, and gross. Another reason I'm glad I don't process my own food.

I'd rather not know which of my neighbors here in hog country North Carolina would read this article with sincere interest.

to answer baligurl's question up there - divorce is way more expensive than trench disposal. Plus, you're recycling, instead of him continuing to pollute the atmosphere.

"Everyone who shoots the corpse of mortality rate of the cover perhaps is "the best method". It is necessary for the optimum system for position of the farm of all specification necessity of the market and the place of protein/oil, to have been based on several standards which include the interval to recognition processing of the biosecurity local public, and the present condition of rule of the government which is applied to its position, to be chosen. In spite, concerning environment anxiety of the general people and dealing of the cover which dies are controlled for cover industry continue the rule which is restricted more and more to show new challenge even in method of selection. Capacity tonnage of the cover which every year is created and dies is suitable. The cultivation system (the sow, and the crowd of end, neonatal which is brought up respectively) 7% of the nurturing tree gardens, every year it creates typical 5000 where you finish in loss and the childbirth of 10%, 5%, 1%, and 1% mortality rate in 200,000 pounds of the cover where the sow dies. In many cultivation systems of the United States, perhaps actual loss it is not greatly higher. Loss of these mortality rates was concentrated on area in the geography to which integration of agriculture of the cover is smaller, is smaller. The North Carolina company which is responsibility most covers of process of the North Carolina east on 170 tons of of wastefulness of mortality rate and in order to handle the corpse of mortality rate of the fowl concerning the 1st. The dealing problem which is drawn up catastrophic when like the hurricane in order to hit to the sickness of the feet and the mouth like occurrence of disease of the animal of North Carolina or the foreign country, draws up special problem, requires the addition resource."

Thanks to Babelfish. English to Japanese and back. Far easier to understand.

Just toss 'em in a closet and forget about 'em. This is known as "BeckHAM's farrow-to-finish faffing system."

Oh hell, now that I know the recipe, that beet salad sounds even worse than I imagined it. If there was a dish to be served in hell that would be probably be it!

swine mortality carcasses

Brought to you by the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

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