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October 20, 2006


 The Knicker Vicar

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Oh no! So hard to drive to other towns!

Holy underwear, Batman!

Like Cannonball Run only with dog collars and knickers. Should be a megahit.

My favorite quote, which raises so many related questions:

"This is for the community... the response has been positive, we've had one (other) denomination get in touch with us, so it's spreading."

Never trust a man with your knickers. They'll only put them on their heads.

I thought he was collecting 'knickers' for the ladies and then, thought ok..if they're new, but EWWIE if they're used.

"The first run is planned before Christmas and, if successful, could be become a regular monthly event, he added. "

sounds more like he's speaking of their menses.

is that the opposite of a "Panty Raid"?

morning, cough, blog

i'd probably let adam sandler collect my knickers. not so much jim belushi.

his arch-enemy could be played by paris hilton, who tries to convince the ladies they don't need knickers...but in a climactic scene when a strong wind blows open the church door and lifts up her skirt, it will be revealed she is, in fact, a dude.

colorful old ladies will attempt to knit underwear but hilarity ensues when they unravel during church services...

rev.'s hot wife will waver, but will, in the final scene, open a lingerie store, "Victoria's Rectory"

And the church bells will chime....Thong! Thong! Thong!.....

I'm lost.
How did New York's basketball team get in New Zealand, and why is a priest collecting them?

Spreading the word again, huh??? ;)

lol insom & Meanie!

Things must be pretty desperate if people are willing to travel a whole 12 miles to get underwear.

how about that guy who was in Yes, dear?? he could star in this as well. although i probably still like tom bosley as the vicar.

"So we're going to have what's been called a knickers run."

My gosh, I'd get up early in the morning to watch that!

*rereads rest of article for context*

Oh. Darn.

which guy from Yes Dear? Greg or Jimmy?

What puzzles me is how the topic of conversation came up. "Mrs. Henderson, I noticed you were squirming in your seat during the sermon. Did the message perhaps hit close to home?"

"No Reverend. My last pair of knickers finally bit the dust, so I'm going commando."

Personally, I have never found knickers to be "essential".

really, I think I'll pick out my own knickers, thank you very much. I don't think my minister has this in his job description, IYKWIM

I'm with you, casey! Knickers are really much more annoying than essential.

Unless we're talking about my daughter, in which case they need to be made of steel.

CH, kevlar is a better alternative to steel. Lightweight and flexible for the teenage girl on the go but still provides the same degree of protection from teenage boys on the go.

snork at blurk!

Seriously tho, I hope this is not TMI, but I don't even own a single pair. IANMTU. I haven't in 20 years.

good way to kill a thread, casey.

New meaning to "getting your panties in a bunch"

Thanks cross. Looks like I'm making this a habit. I feel really bad.

Kill a thread? Heck, no! I want to know where casie does her grocery shopping! *leer*

Clean, I only shop on windy days. watch the weather channel!

Someone once told me that hardly anyone in Arizona wears knickers, because it's too hot there. I was all excited about this, until I realized that the average person in Arizona is a great-grandmother.

i've never worn knickers. panties yes, thongs, yes, knickers, no.

my mistake casey, you didn't kill the thread, you just sent all the bloggers into fantasy land for a while there. good job!

I guess I'm one of those folks who just really doesn't "get" thongs.


*wears panties & thongs...no knickers*

and I don't mean flip flops

So does he preach to those helping him pick up the knickers or to the recipients? And does he watch the ladies put their knickers on? Sounds like a dream mission for him.

Thank you CH. That is my point. I dont wear such things for a reason. I'm not trying to be racy or provocitive or any such thing, just honest. I am fairly well endowed in the rear area and in my experience, any extra material covering that area goes north. I just simply got sick of it and decided to do away with the material!

*snork @ CG 10:46 and Roger 1:44*

Casey, kill away. It's fine. Really.

i got to wondering...if a man of the cloth is picking out your dainties, does he bring back anything except granny panties. pictures the vicar pawing through the display trying to find just the right one for each parishioner. ewwwwwwwwwww.

Yet another regular monthly event.


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