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October 17, 2006


(Thanks to Punkin Poo)


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Holy Cats!

Holy Cats!

First AND second! It's all that chocolate!

*sends Punkin a congratulatory Hershey's Special Dark*

YAY Punkin!

*showers you with chocolate kisses*

Not extraordinary at all, in fact.

Although I prefer small tactical warheads, myself...

Is that an arrow or are you just mad to see me?

So for all of you hunters out there: Which is more challenging to hunt with a crossbow?

Also, is motorist in or out of season right now?

Whoops! I just comitted a terrorist act!

Dread: Around here "turkey" and "motorist" are synonimous IYKWIM.

In Miami, motorist hunting is a year-round sport, Chris.

Hubby and friend used to go turkey hunting with bows and camoflage. I always told them they were successful the moment they got in the truck together.

notice that the guy who did this is named "Wayne" which goes with the Wayne criminal rule from a couple weeks back.

Hanna - no kidding - its pretty funny to watch city boys go off hunting.

"the man who cut Wayne off, was in turn charged with being a varlet and a scurvy knave..."

Does this guy keep it under the car seat??

Shhhhesh! I FINALLY get posted, and I'm passed out in a chocolate coma!

Anyway, I thought this gave new meaning to "going medieval on your ass".

I keep mine on my belt, not under the seat.

{appologies for the goofy link - firewall and all that}

Key quote from this link: "textured rubber boot that firmly grabs your bow without scratching it"
Woo Hoo

WTG, Punkin! Have a beer!

'It was a drive-by crossbow shooting,"

Good one, Punkin.

Still waiting for the car-poon, Dave.

Well at least he'll be able to keep on hunting until the day he appears in court ... merely ... relieved ... that he's not gonna miss out on those seasons ...

Terroristic? Is this a real word?

Renassaince drive by?

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