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October 17, 2006


Yeah, okay, but don't you agree that anyone who eats this deserves exactly what he or she gets?

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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You can't beat the fried stick of butter on a stick from the Minnesota state fair.

Guaranteed you'll never taste anything better, mostly because after eating one you have about 10 minutes till your arteries conk out.

Just what we need, a few empty calories to go with those empty calories...

I'll stick wit beer, thanks.

What ?!?

I got a FIRST POST? And didn't even call it?

I'm so surprised I could **CLONK**

**Wurm42 falls to the floor as his heart gives out- we may never know if it was suprise or cholesterol shock that did him in.**


*chugs quart of double-chocolate milk*

I had a fried snickers bar once. It was dipped in batter, fried, and drizzled with chocolate. Pretty sure that's what we'll eat in Heaven.

And then there are those deep fried Oreos - even with a beer batter. (No joke.)

I knew I liked you, Punkin.

that makes it hard to cut into lines doesnt it sounds yucky

Please make mine a Fried Diet Coke. I'm trying to watch my sugar.

*begs bali & Diva to "hook me up"*

*goes back to jonesin' for chocolate*


If anybody offers you a deep fried twinkie, PASS.

I hear fried ice cream is good.

at the renaissance festival they have that traditional renaissance favorite, fried cheesecake. i haven't tried it but it looks killer.

Anyone else think of "Mo's Family Feedbag"?


fried cheesecake...yummmmmmm. I love being from the South!

fried ANYTHING is killer in more ways than one....


Punkin, I've got some chocolate liquor that is TO DIE FOR! I'll hook you up when you come down!

Siouxie - Anything??

"but i want my fried buffalo now...."

i'd like to teach the world to sing
but i can't catch my breath
my years of eating deep-fried Coke
have brought me close to death!

i'd like to build the world a home
equipped with O2 tanks
so when my EKG goes flat
i could gurgle out my thanks

though deep-fried Coke has faults, it's true
it still sounds lots of fun
its ingredients meet all my needs
(well maybe all but one ...)

hmm Chris...maybe I was too hasty to comment...almost anything...

I think Judi is trying to say "anyone with a fat @ss after all this fried food deserves it"?

(but, here in the South, we'll fry anything, so BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!)

The Wench and I have "Fair Rules" which include: If they fry it, we will eat it, and If it comes on a stick, it must be good!

sounds like a sensible and logical rule, Lab...

And here I thought people got fried BY coke.

Who knew?

thankie, blurk...

He concedes that Coke is like water - too runny to fry. Can't get anything by this Einstein.

I just went to the State Fair this weekend and can vouch for the Fried Coke. It's actually really good. Punkin-it does not have chocolate, but it is drizzled in Coca-Cola fountain syrup and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. It was the perfect ending to the day, which also included a corny dog, a cheeseburger, nachos, Texas honey bread and a funnel cake. In less than 6 hours, mind you.

Katie - I bow to your gastronomic fortitude!

What it really is, is funnel cake with Coke syrup.
Sounds like sugar with sugar on top.


WURM!!! Miss u!

Blurk...I think by "frying Coke", they mean smokin' crack

Hey Blogchik - missed ya in DC this summer!

And yes, Big Tex used to say "Howdy Folks!" Now he just says, "Eat sumpin fried onna stick!"

I know I shouldn't, but something makes me want to try the Fried Coke.

Or at least made me want to, until I clicked on TDPC's link -- which made me snork for awhile, and then grimace, and then, well, I no longer wanted to try fried anything.

When I was in Hope, Arkansas (birthplace of Bill Clinton) a few years ago, I was at a restaraunt that served fried bacon. Not bacon tossed in a frying pan and cooked until crispy, as the Good Lord intended, but dipped in batter and deep fried. Now I have been known be pretty gastronomically adventurous, but this was too potentially life threatening for me.

ASK, I've been kicking myself for it ever since!

yes, but do they have fried TaB?

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