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October 18, 2006



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for more details....Like what? what kind of TP they will be featuring?

I was thinking that "snake rustlers" WBAGNFARB too

I'm not awake yet, so could someone clue me in to whatthis is talking about? Is it about tending to toilets? Toilets that are tender? Tender parts encountering toilets?

almne - I didn't really get it, either, I think its a british thing, that's why my comment above is what it is.

looked again, I think its AUSSIE, which makes it truly incomprehensible.

I think I saw that band in the 80's. They may be "Tender on Toilets", but they were hard on ears.

I think Skid Viscous was the leader singer.

He stunk.

Skid Viscous! Snork of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okie - Pace yourself! :)

snork @ Punkin (a regular one)

Ok..too early and not enough coffee for that visual, Punkin!

Highly snorkable, Punkin. You're on a roll.

"Tender" is Aussie for "Request for Proposal," I believe. Nonetheless, the headline writer clearly was having fun today.

Punkin, it's still here in Big Sky Country. Let a fella wake up before you make him spew coffee.

No kidding about the "too early," Siouxie. Baby kept me up half the night. Coffee's only barely working to keep my head off the keyboard. Not helping at all to make my comments coherent.

See how early it is? I didn't even include early.

'Course it is kinda still also.

Now I'm confused. I need coffee.

CH, tell baby that a man's only human and he needs rest every now and then.

Oh, an infant. That changes things.

Look - I have no control over my snorkability. It just flows like wine.....or diarrhea....depending on if it's a drinking or sh!tting thread.

Pass the coffee pot, please.

*takes out the coffee IV for fellow sleepy bloglits*

CH...awwww...I really don't miss those days :P

you can hook up first!

OK..that woke me up a little...careful with those girls Punkin! sheesh...

I remember those days, too, CH....

I particularly remember one night that the idiot Ex actually said to me "Ya know, it really bothers my sleep when you get up and down so much with the baby."

And then he accidentally fell on my knife 27 times.

multiple snorks at punkin...i thought I was the only one that happened to.

Punkin, you don't have to use that story anymore. That was clearly justifiable homicide. Stand and be proud.

blurk - He lived.

*note to self - sharpen knives*

Punkin, how many times do I have to tell ya: Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

I woulda preferred a battle of wits - but he was unarmed....

totally not on thread (TNOT) but who shot rap "artist" Fabolous IN THE THIGH?

I haven't said anything like that, but I'm only moderately useful when I'm supposed to be asleep. Asked to rock the baby back to sleep, I'm more likely to fall asleep myself in the rocking chair, with the baby still screaming in my arms. :-/

At least Mrs. H. gets to snooze during the day when the kids are occupied. I have to at least look like I'm doing work, regardless of what I'm actually capable of at any given moment.

Fortunately, the blog has given me lots of practice at this.

CH - thanks for the comment! Did you notice a friend of mine commented on what a nice couple we make?? and if we were friends or more?? LOL..obviously doesn't know Dave.

Phil, I could be really insensitive and say "who cares; he's a rap artist" but since we all know how sensitive I am I'll just say I don't have any idea. They need to work on their aim, though.
Just sayin'.

who cares; he's a rap artist.

What Wyo said.
But I won't.
'Cause I'm sensitive and stuff.

I'm an 80's kinda guy in the 21'st century. 1880's that is.

*joins the sensitive corner*

DUH! The answer is SO OBVIOUS!

Jack did it.

*huffs and tosses boobs hair back*

"Rap artist" is an oxymoron. And they're also just plain old morons, too.

Saw that, Siouxie - too funny. I don't think that Walter would approve, though.

Punkin, I think even Jack woulda aimed for center mass on this one.

Center mass is the way to go, now if we made it open season on them.....

Punkin, ya know I love ya, but when I read your post quickly, I got a picture of boob hair. Not good.

*needs more coffee*

Plumb me tender,
Plumb me sweet
Never up my flow.
After a big meal I eat
How I need you so.

Chickem tenders
Chicken wings
How my stomach's filled
Now my anal sphincter sings
And it always will.

Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For its there that I belong,
And well never part.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
Ill be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.

Damm I blew that - sposed to be first 2 verses only. That'll teach me to C&P.

*hangs head is shame*

Stevie, that was... hm.

A blast from the past

stevie looks a lot like insom and meanie today.

The anal sphincter line is particularly moving.

Stevie, that was good even with the C & P mess up.

Take a bowel.

very well done, stevie...Elvis would be especially proud...you singing about a toilet and all.

*Snork @ blurk. hahahaha "bowel" hahahaha

Wyo, I was thinkin' the anal sphincter line added a touch of mudstuffin.

lol, ty all. Hi ho, hi ho...you know the rest

Ode to Rap

#imagine Rap beat here#

Well my name is Punkin
And I'm here to represent
That time on the blog
Is time well spent

I hang widt my homies
Like the Blurker and the Chaz
And my homegirl Siouxie
just kicks em in the azz.

Clean and Wyo
They know just where to buy-o
The finest liquor
The bloggers like to try-o

Insom is a gangsta,
Always makin widt the rhymes
And with Meanie in da mix
It'll be a wild time

The Big Dawg is Dave Barry
Judi is the brains
Poor Annie and El
Ride on the Yankee train.

Steve's the two-four Master,
And someone Juggles Geese
Widt bali, Jeff and queensbee
Da fun will never cease.

For all you other bloglits
Didn't mean to leave you out
Cuz the Punkin wouldn't dis you
So don't you all go pout.


he'll be in soon I'm sure, blurk (mud, that is)...there's a snake thread without his poetry.


I was actually doing the 'rap beat'...LOL

blurk, I prefer not to think of mudstuffin and anal at the same time. Y,TSWWT. I prefer just to call him mud, and it does sound like somethin' he'd 'a said.

That's just nasty, Wyo. And, Y, TSWWT.

Couldn't we talk about...I dunno...bazoomage and other related matters.

take a bow, Punkin. You da gal.

if you follow me to the next thread, blurk...we are now talking about testicles...

word of warning...you may wanna hold yours before readin'

Punkin: word.

Whatever the hell that means.

Woo-hoo! Nicely done, Punkin!

Excellent job, Punkin. Pump up the jam!

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