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October 15, 2006


Traces of Wee


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Chanel #1?


that p!sses me off.

Perhap Wee Man from Jackass could promote it?

Splash it on Your Face could be Traces of Wee's first album.

Lol, kdf. My two secnts.

Eau de Humanité!

The Wee Five:

Well I woke up this morning
Wee was on my eyes
Wee was on my eyes
I got bubbles, whoa whoa
I got redness, whoa whoa
I got wounds that itch

So I went to the bathroom
Just to wash my face
Just to wash my face...

(lather, rinse, repeat)

Lol, meanie.

Yes, it does have a little wang in it.

'Little Wang': Cut number two.


(you have to mis-pronounce the key word here, mea culpa...)

(love potion #9)

My girlfriend threw me out; she needed 'room'
I thought I'd buy her some nice perfume
But when I saw the prices
That Harrods thought were fine
I bought myself a bottle with
Some notion of urine!

It cost a lost less, I thought 'What's the diff?'
My nose hairs fell out when I took a whiff.
But when my girl got blotches all up and down her spine.
I knew I was in trouble from
Some notion of urine!

I went to find the peddlar but surprise! he was gone
Just some yellow stains near the place he stood on
He also sold me reefer made from parts of his lawn
I'm not so wise, but now I know, he was a con!

Now she's in hospital, with a new face
That transplanted pigskin will soon replace
But when I saw the new VP from Calvin Klein
You all will soon be wearing
Some notion of urine!

Bravo, insom!

*pictures insom sitting in a dark basement, chained to a glowing computer, doomed forever to produce satiric poetry.*

punkin, i'm sure he thinks it's worth it, what with all the *snorks* that come with the job...

Xlnt, insom!

Check out my late entry on the "WELL, THAT'S A RELIEF!"/Dikshit board if you're in the mood.

...and another thing I like about insom's post sd that we all KNOW THE TUNE!!!

"Traces of Wee" on a double bill with a band named "Skid Marks" would be, well, I don't know what it would be, exactly, but it'd probably include a double entendre using the word "Depends".

"Traces of Wee" opening for Urethra Franklin. Or would ot be the other way around?


P-E-R-F-U-M-E, find out just how dumb they be
P-E-R-F-U-M-E, take leak, sell pee pee
OH!! Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Pass it through me,
Just a little drip
Just a little drip....

*snork* at stevie and blue...

punkin, the computer's in the kitchen, but as for the rest, you're close...

i think dave needs to diversify. so this or that is a great name for a rock band. but what about other bands? 'the cat guts' would be a great name for a string quartet. or 'whip me beat me call me edna' for a country western band. there's soul, blues, jazz, just to name a few.

Snorks all around, especially for insom.

Did you know that real perfume is (or at least was, back in the 1930's) made from ambergris, "a biliary concretion in the intestines of the sperm whale"?

Huh? Didja know that? I did. Ya know how I knew that?

From reading Nancy Drew mysteries when I was a little girl. I can't remember which title it was, but the coveted ambergris was a key element in the book.

And anything derived from the gastric tract of a sperm whale was just too enticing a morsel to forget.

Fast forward about 35 (ahem) years, and lo, here I am looking at web pics of Walter.

Destiny? Fate? There are no coincidences.

Check this out. Gross, huh? Yet fascinating.

I too learned of ambergris' magical properties from an unusual source. Check out the 12:42 and subsequent posts here.

BTW, KDF please take note of the 10:27 post at the same thread. Hmmmmm.......

LTTG [Go Bucs!], but special *snorks* to Insom, stevie, and Meanie.

Thanks, Meanie. I've only been around this blog for a few months, so I didn't know it had come up before.

I wish we could make something lucrative out of our gassy dog's emissions. We'd be rich.

Thought I had a funny idea, manipulating Pieces of You, by Jewel, but I couldn't do it. Made me put the CD in and remember how wonderful she is.

*wanders off to check self for gayness, NNTIAWWT*

Jewel is amazing and reminds me of an old friend from Alaska that I met in Seattle. Friend and her boyfriend lived in a Toyota and a tent in a park in Seattle. We had all been brought together for classes and training and I learned there were still real hippies, peace and love types. Jewel's early work is that way. Far from our cynical world.

No matter, Cat. What's cool is that you learned of it way earlier in life than I did.

And I also learned of oosiks (and a couple other things I best not mention) at this very place too; I won't ask where you might have learned about those.

Sounds like they're selling "toilet" water.

Sorry, corny joke, but no one else seemed to have said it yet.

why don'tcha wanna mention them, Blue?

*innocent questioning look*

Because of their proprietary commercial implications, S-Girl.

*smarmy arms-folded pose*

This was definitely the first place I ever heard of an oosik. Or a mojito!


*high-fives Blue*

And I wasn't even blurking then. :)

yeah gotta watch those pacific nw hippies... snorks all around; just don't eat the brownies (or maybe do....)

back to the potty humor--
i wonder what type of wee was in the stuff? like, is this domestic bum-sleeping-in-the-alley wee? b/c i can find that in dollar store perfume. if i'm paying good money for this schtuff, it had better be some classy imported european art collector wee.

*snorks* all around...but I'll skip the bathroom humor...it's just so un-uriginal...

hey, it can't smell any worse than white shoulders!

i guess supplies were easy to find for this...and if it was friday, and the beer was flowing, so was the perfume

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