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October 24, 2006


Bad Panbanisha! Bad!

(Thanks to Matt Blackstone)


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Panbanisha...Aren't they're confusing him with Curious George?

Well, ain't my ass red...

Don't scold her(?)! Now when there really is a fire they will all die because Panbanisha wont pull the alarm.

They should never have taught Koko to read and speak... since then, nothing but trouble. And while we are at it, we should never have landed on the moon either.

that ape needs a boob job...just sayin'


That's what you get for teachin' apes to smoke in bed...

Oh, we never landed on the moon! Are people still falling for that ol' gag??

So this is what it takes to get bazoombage published in the Washington Post... it has to belong to a bonobo. :-/

I wonder why the monkey even had access to the fire alarm pull thingy. Is there a fire extinguisher in there for her to play with too? How about maybe a fire axe?

I can just see the architect thinking, "Hmmmm.... this is a good place for an alarm pull. Monkeys could never figure out how to operate this lever."

Yeah, that's the ticket. The bonobo, yeah. He did it. Yeah.

combine this and the other story and you have "Ape-Sh!t"

Baron, it compliments the flamethrower "Monkeys could never figure out how to operate", on the facing wall.

Siouxie,be good.They won't let her out to buy a bra.

No doubt she's been panbanished.

Just a gentle note to say that Koko is a gorilla; the first ape to language was named Washoo, and monekys are not apes. ;-)

Sorry -- guess I spent too much time in anthropology classes. I'm not usually that pedantic -- except when Europeans refer to my mother tongue as American. ;-))

PS SHE did it. Not HE. ;-)) Sorry, it must be the weather that's making me grumpy and particular about things. It rained beaucoup buckets here last night and now feels very much like late October. I need more full spectrum lightbulbs...

Speaking of lightbulbs, I bet it only takes one ape to change a lightbulb.

That should have been "the first ape to use sign-language" back in the comment where I was being so particular about primates.

Now I feel red-faced. Better than being a red-bottomed baboon.

That's okay, AnP. I've been that way all week and haven't been nearly as nice as you.

Thanks -- I feel better now. Especially since it no longer looks like I've been talking to myself up there. ;-)

Hey guys! Bazoomage!! Aren't you all excited?

*crickets chirping*

Where are all the guys?

I prefer the Bazoomages of my own species, thanks very much ;-)


Someone say bazoomage?


So, did they spank the monkey er, ape?

The resident anthropologist should also note that bonobo's are not monkeys

(the 'head and shoulders, knees and toes' song)
Panbanisha needs more clothes, needs more clothes
Panbanisha needs more clothes
she might be cute to bo-no-bos
But Panbanisha needs more clothes!

Obligatory *snork* for insom

Muffles, maybe the other guys are over there staring at the picture. Hey, ya never know.

Hey Dave no not the Dave -- you're an anthropologist? Can we talk? :-)

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