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October 23, 2006


Since we posted one just for women, we have to post this Good News For Men also.

(Thanks to CoastRaven)


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Damn......I am SO screwed.

A triumph of free speech.

Oh my gosh--it's my first first! I've arrived!
I must admit, iffin I were to flash my breasts at a public event, then someone took a picture and published it, the first thing I would do would not be sue. It would probably be to crawl into a hole and wait for that edition to vacate the newsstands. And then i'd vow never to drink that much again.
Just sayin'.

A first first and a first simul in the same thread! I shall faint...

Um...judi...I don't mean to be picky or anything but the women got pics.

Blurk's right. I'm going to need to see some photographic evidence before I can... um... pass judgement appropriately

Okay, so in addition to all my other good fortune, I just missed a simul with the legendary blurk? I think I should go buy a lottery ticket.

blurk - I'd flash you, but you'd die when all the blood ran out of your brain.

I'll get ya Mare!


Maybe...but I'd sure as hell die happy!!!

Where's the photo?!?

BTW, anyone who flashes me at the Herald Hunt...well...I may just have to make my site non-family friendly afterwards, if you know what I mean...

*flashes* andy.

There you go blurk, you now hold the title of "legendary".

I agree we need pics of this event for further "research".

yeah, research

A Mare and Punkin simul Blurk flash? Is that even legal?
I'll go on and say it--y'all probably don't care.

Should Mary hide the kids for this thread?
Just askin'.

27 minutes till beer thirty.

Not that I'm countin' or anything.

So I was wonderin' where I could buy one of these.

Wyo, when you find out please let me know.

Price is no object.


blurk, wouldn't that be an amazing tool? You think we're addicted to remotes now! That sucker'd be surgically grafted into my hand!

I'd settle for just the mute button.

Time to head to the barn.

Hope everyone has a great evening!

How peculiar. I didn't know women had flashing breasts. Can they make them flash in different colors? How often do they need to change the bulbs?

Wyo - Forget surgically grafting. I'll have it permanently wired into my brain.

*runs in and flashes*

YAY! I'm home!!!

*runs out*

Yay we've been flashed! lol

I want one of those remotes also, Wyo!

I'd LOVE for someone to come up with a female version of that remote.

I'm sure it exists...(anyone???)

Wow, blurk's workin' late! And thanks for the flash, Siouxie! I'm home, too! And now that the cast is off, my wrist hurts, so I'm havin' a margarita. Anybody else?


'kay. (Man of few-or one- words.

Oh, and as for the remote, would the - boobs EBER be used? Just askin'.

wine for me ;)

and welcome bali...I get home and the bra's the first thing to go!

JEEZ! eVer. Stoopid tequila.

Siouzie, me too. I just figger...lucky paper boy. A glass of Rombauer merlot? I have a case leftover from the blog airline.

other beer

Don't you mean 'nother beer, Wyo?

we could substitute 'penis' for 'boobs' and use the up and down button as needed ;-)

I think I'd get carpal tunnel. I'm just sayin'...

Whole lotta flashin' goin' on. Happy Halloween.

bali, other 'nother. ran outa the good stuff.

LOL Wyo...those are funny!

Here, Wyo, have two. Nice...pumpkins.

bali, ck. yer mail, sent ya some more punkins.

Woo Hoo! Thank ya, Wyo! (I love presents!)

Crossgirl: HA! Got ya!

Hey, Wyo, can you try again? I had to change my e-mail cos it was messed up.

That is good news. A magazine can't be sued for publishing photos of boobs. Or their breasts.

'Kay, well, I have a new book I need to read. All y'all have a good night! Me and my margaritas are out!

Nite, bali! enjoy the book! I'm still reading Dave's Mars & Venus one. I recently bought 3 of his books I wanted to get. So I'll be snorking for a while ;)

That's really some shoddy and sloppy "journalism" ... they mention the photos, but then they don't print the photos in question ... tsk, tsk, tsk ...

... um ... Blessed St. Judi ... could you do some of your miraculous searchin' and find us the pages in question?


alright andy, i don't know where you got my picture, but i want royalties!!

wyo, other beer is my favorite kind!

so I came back, not that anyone cares, probably. anybody still out there?

"A piece of him!" ...

Sometimes, NEway ...

post THAT on your dorm room door...

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