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October 24, 2006


Give it up for Dip Chiti.


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It's a little more than a "feet" in length.

silly, silly snake expert

Big deal - he named a snake after himself.
(hint: there's a pun in there)

"crouching" snake? Snakes can crouch?

Dip Chiti is what I get after night of tequila and bean dip.

i thought this would be an appetizer recipe.

Only critters with shoulders can crouch.

“Dip Chiti”, or Dipak’s wolf, has now become the newest member after experts could not confirm it as part of the existing reptile tribe.

Tribal Snakes.... NTWBAGNFARB

This is indeed an incredible find. A snake that is a feet in length, that crouches and has shoulders. Amazing!

Darn, I wish I could post on the one from Chino. I've got a really hilarious comment about them being hit by a meteorite from Uranus. On second thought it's probably best it's broken.

He spotted another one with three eggs the following year but the specimen did not survive.

I don't want to meet this guy... if he spots something, it won't survive.

Hey, don't look at me dude!

First, it inhabits on ground, while the rest of its kind is arborial, dwelling on trees.

All your Dip Chiti are belong to us!

“All the organisations confirmed that they were not familiar with the variety and that ‘Dip Chiti’ had remained unidentified till date,” Mitra said.

Next on the list to identify are:

Bull Chiti
Tuff Chiti
Ape Chiti

What about Fullo Chiti?

What about chiti chiti bang bang?

How does evolution allow an extra shiney, Chromed Snake to survive?

The comments seem to be flying right through now. Faster than I can change my name on, anyway.

Snakes have tribes? Do they have a union too?

Sorry I'm late I was "working". (Eye roll).

Here you go:

She seems to sleep for days and days
I hardly know she’s there
But when she’s hungry
She gets active and thrashes ‘round down there

Then come the part I hate the most
I sit naked next to a rat
And wait for the strike
Her jaw unhinges and she swallows it simple as that

Now she’s a butt snake of modest diameter
I hardly know she’s there
But with a full belly
She exceeds the load limit and nearly causes a tear

And then for days she backs up my plumbing
Why do I tolerate this?
If I didn’t feed her
she’d bite my chorizo and how would I ever go p1ss?

*snork* @ mud and his chorizo!

Well, now that is just all we need. Another species of snakes to get in peoples houses and cars...and one that lives on the ground too. Chiti!

*SNORK!* Even with the hint, it took me a while, MOTW. Gotta run now, want anything from the deli?

a little more than a feet in length"

*rolling on the floor snorking to self*

*ignores looks from co-workers*

Crouching Snake, Hidden Shoulders?

did any notice beside the article the advertisement for "Shandi.com", which is apparently a matchmaker site for people in India. If you click onto the site, they show success stories from people meeting on the web site. most of them only met once or talked on the phone before getting engaged or married

Has everyone missed the obvious? Isn't Dip Chiti a great name for a rock band?.. Maybe not. How about a Rap singer.


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