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October 17, 2006


We will be unable to provide a link to this item.

(Thanks to Art Chimes)


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I'll have to pass on that.

Skip Beaver? Sorry that goes against every fiber of my being.

And if I could punkshooate there would be a comma after that "Sorry".

Had Skip lived up to his name, none of this would have happened. or so I think.

Well, if you skip it, you can move right on to the main course of your picnic in the park.

And, given that the gentleman in question was engaged in skipping beaver in the course of his sexual activities (NTTAWWT, obviously, but he probably should have kept it private...), there really is nothing more to say.

"Skip, skip, skip in the loo.
Skip in the loo's my darling"

Also, great map to all the parks for all you voyeurs out there.

Y'all didn't read it closely enough - Skip and his partner were both male, NTTAWWT in private.

Skip and the Private Beavers probably isn't AGNFARB

Private Skipping Beavers, however, might be.

That is the greatest eponymy since Phillip Mutank had his gas station in Houston.

Skip, Beaver type, 1 each.

This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Oh, the irony. And the fact it's in a city named Greece, and the country of Greece is well-known for its, um, acceptance of alternative lifestyles (NTTAWWT) just adds to this.

skip beaver - that's one thing
dick chase - that'll get you in hot water in Greece.

"Skip, now that you're unemployed, what will you do?"
"I'm goin' ta Idaho!

His attorney plans to plead entrapment.

Annie, this a joke, right?

What's so funny about Art Chimes?

What? Skip Beaver! Oh, that's very different.

Never mind.

blurkie - check out my Idaho link - it's a real place. "It was named after "Beaver Dick," Richard Leigh, who was one of the last of the real mountain men of this valley."

Can you figure out WHY he was one of the last real mountain men? Because every time he introduced himself, the other guy would die laughing...or Beaver Dick would shoot him.

With a name like that, I know why he chose the life of solitude.

Annie, I saw the links...it's just hard to believe.

it gets worse...why would put a cylindrical 60 foot 'observation tower' in a place called 'Governor Dick'?
Those durn replublicans...

oops - why would'anyone'put a cylindrical tower...
...and 'republicans'....oy, I'm distracted by something...hmmm

Must be them cylindrical towers, Annie.
And what are you hummin' for?

Big, big tower up the left side of the page, right next to "Park at Governor Dick." Then, on the right side, they tell you to "Mount Gretna." Who the heck is Gretna?


I had to get that out. Poor Beaver. lmao

YAY I'm off of work and having a beer

Quittin' time!!!

All you east coast-type non-western bloglits who have been home for a couple of hours already just be quiet.

I'll be happy to share a beer now blurk. :D

Why, thanks DtR. Appreciate it.

Night all!!

I don't remember saying you guys could leave.


.....is "Beaver Dick Park" anything like "Rock Paper Scissors"?

Well I'm gonna go be a geek and play my video game for awhile.

*passes annie a beer too

Soooo.... They are caught in pairs, but the numbers are all odd, so did some run away, bribe the arresting officer, what? Some of the partners were trees?

OMG, don't want to even think about that.

Hanna - threesomes are odd....yes, in more ways than one.

DtR - you just gave me a 'longneck' beer. Are you trying to tell me something?

Oh, and thanks for the beer.

Um, if I bring beer, can I hang, too? I'll share!

Suuure - pull up a barstool.

I like beer.

a lot.

Yes, beer-thirty it is. In honor of the Skip's last name, I guess I'll dig a Busch out from the back of the fridge.

*from back of fridge*

"Hey, CJ, get your hands outta there!" *slap*

Well, the Busch was behind the chocolate beers, so I shoulda expected you to be passed out back there. Ooooh! chilly in there, huh?

Are you calling me fridged? ARE YOU?

Merely perky. I recall from the 'carpet' discussion that you have a bag-o-nickels handy. And a jones. I recommend you wear the toilet costume for trick-or-treat this year for maximum chocolate gathering.

Kris Hinesley, executive director of The G@y Alliance of the Genesee Valley, said people should not jump to the conclusion that these séx-act participants are g@y or biséxual.

Two men have intercourse but we're not supposed to assume they're g@y or bisexu@l??

Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do!

Official's arrest puts park sex in spotlight

i thought this would be an article about better lighting. it's been proven that better lighting may prevent or lessen the incidence of park sex.

Skip Beaver. Don Dick.

Gee, Wally. What's going on with you and Eddie these days? You seem to like the park an awful lot.

AWBH, that must be a verrrry tiny park....

Nooo! Who is this Art Chimes? Does he really exist? That sounds like a fake name to me. I don't believe it.

Morgana in a Linus-like huff takes her blanket and goes home.

I'm not sure Punkin's "tank floats" will fit the costume.

That's right CrossGirl...lighting clears the beer goggles a bit.

Beaver Dick Park? I'd rather be down at Cherry Hill Park.

steve W ...can I go too?

Don't bother guys - it's closed due to flooding.

So I should probably and in all likelihood skip any reference to while in Rome comments?

Also, many continued thanks to Souxie for the html codes. Otherwise my post would be super lame versus just lame.

*glad she 'skipped' this thread*

Cheryl, no prob! I was, again, merely sharing the knowledge...


*starts coffee maker*


Govenor Dick park is in Pennsylvania...that explains everything.....

PA has weird town names...example: Blue Ball

Also, Bird In Hand, PA.

Chaz don't forget Intercourse, PA.

Skip Beaver refused to leave Greece. He couldn't leave his brothers behind.

When Dick Thornburg was running for governor here in the great state of Pennsylvania ("The Dirty Name State"), there was grafitti on a bridge overpass near my house that said, "Dick Thornburg Before He Dicks You."

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