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October 17, 2006


(Thanks to Jeff Arch)


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The ex-Spice Girl advises women to beware of mini-skirts, saying: “I’ve seen people getting out of cars with no knickers on!”

I haven't. But I'll continue to monitor the situation closely.

Oh, wait. Now that I think about it, I've *never* seen a car WITH knickers on.

Being posh is stressful? Don't I know it!

That's why I desided to eliminate the stress and go with frumpy. SOOOOOOO much easier...

I desided??????

*goes to put siding back on*

sorry I wasn't paying attention... I was busy faffing in my closet...nttawwt

I don't know much about bein' posh an' such things, but I now have this strange desire to play poker.
Wonder why?

osh also vows she will never go knickerless in public, in her new book That Extra Half An Inch. DAMN SHAME

The ex-Spice Girl advises women to beware of mini-skirts, saying: “I’ve seen people getting out of cars with no knickers on!” PARIS HILTON

Lab -- presumably, one would find the car's knickers under the bonnet.

taught me not to waste time FAFFING about in the closet ....huh?

One of the perks of wearing a uniform to work...no faffing required.

Blurk...poker.. one word or two?

One of the perks of wearing a uniform to work...no faffing required.

blurk, I was thinkin' the same thing. The military also teaches you to multitask, and to get things done better and quicker. sort of.

Jazzzz, if you're lucky enough to see the ad for "the world's sexiest poker room" on that link you can make up your own mind.
Three words describe it:



wonder if she goes poof when poked.

Wyo, you ain't lyin'.

Do more with less has become our new motto.

that's been my motto all my life, 'specially when it comes to poker.

right now, thousands of African women are lining up (sorry, queueing) to adopt Posh's offspring...

forget her offspring, I just wanna se where they came from

David Beckham is HOT!!!

*wonders if he'll let me faff him*

Pretty sure that if you did a Google image search (with SafeSearch turned off), you'd have a good chance of finding an ambiguously-labeled link or two that would satisfy that curiosity, Chaz.

Frankly not a curiousity I much share. :-)

Nowadays, I multitask, planning outfits while I’m doing something else — getting ready for bed or taking a bath.

"And I can chew gum too!!!"

I hear David can bent it. That might effect the faffing. Or not.

Bending is good...for faffing...in the right spot...

CH - I did as you suggested. I'm not sure why you would need a filter for this.

Faffing with storks?

Mmmmmmm...............Beckham faff.......


The chocolate growers are on strike.

It's every woman for herself!

*off to store to stockpile kisses, peanut butter cups and frosting*

Have you noticed a lot of posts now have the Page 3 ad girl at the bottom?


You decide.

Punkin I saw that!! and PMS-time is fast approaching! I MUST GET MY CHOCOLATE!!!


*having a snickers mini bar*

There are supposed to be TWO episodes of House on tonight.


"I multitask, planning outfits while I’m doing something else — getting ready for bed or taking a bath."

I can see why Posh is massively stressed. Those are great tasks she must undertake.

I'll have something from the mini-bar Siouxie!!

I just *love* faffing around in my closet.

Poker? I hardly know 'er!

:::conjugating the verb: to faff:::

I saw the chocolate thing as well and I have to say I'm worried. what will I do without chocolate? Without chocolate there could be crankiness.

I return from vacation to find that I will have no chocolate???? I will have to refill all of my tranquilizer prescriptions now. What is this world coming too? Please don't tell me that black licorice is going to be in short supply or I just might slash my wrists. Why go on living!

Where to get Chocolate

Liquor in the front, poker in the rear.

Thanks for the chocolate tip, but chocolate flavored beer is not what I had in mind. Just the thought of that is enough to make me swear off of both chocolate and beer. Gross!!!

Thanks, Wyo - "In case of emergency, fill glass."

WW - You say that now.....just wait til 3 days into PMS.....you'll be licking crushed m&m stains off the carpet....the carpet under the couch.

eww....we have taken a turn into the red zone

No, I stockpiled black licorice when I was on vacation. I can substitute that in case of severe PMS, and if that doesn't work, mass quantities of tranquilizers will be called for. But chocolate flavored beer - I can safely say never!

First blog guy who thinks "carpet muncher" is the next logial place to go with this thread, gets his skull reshaped by a crazed blog-goddess weilding a bag of quarters.

*looks in Blurk's direction*

ewwwwwwww, punkin.

*thanks God for makin' him a guy*

And I'll be wielding it, too.


Anybody wanna argue with me?????????????????? Do you?

DO YOU????

*scarfs an almond joy*

*tosses his emergency supply (well, some of it anyway) of M&Ms at Punkin and runs for the next thread*

*Launches carpet-avoiding chocolate gumball-warhead missile sortie in Punkin's direction*

*Prays they arrive in time*

*tosses Punkin a couple of snickers bars*

*eats four more*

Dread Pirate Chris:

YOU LIE!!! It's the freakin World Series. NO HOUSE. I'm watching Donnie Darko instead.

*begins hoarding of chocolate*

This is Tuesday, right?

Chris, we're getting the world series here in Miami as well...dog gonnit! I did see last week's episode last night. I guess the game was cancelled??

The schedule Fox posted says that House is on twice tonight and the WS doesn't start until Saturday. If they posted a bad schedule, someone is getting an invasive medical procedure done without benefit of anesthesia.

Punkin, I just got back from a Dr.'s appointment so I didn't get a chance to steer the thread in that direction. Next time!!!

Nope - just checked TV guide online...WS is ON.

It is difficult to be Posh. This morning after my mani and pedi, I had a bikini wax and got my highlights touched up. That was exhausting enough, but then I had to shop for 10 new pairs of shoes for next week's outfits, which OF COURSE means posing for the paparazzi outside the shoestore, then it was off to lunch of salad (with no dressing) and French bottled water with Madonna and Gwyneth. So yes, I AM EXHAUSTED. leave me alone to REST!!!!


will you live, blurkie???

Maybe not, Siouxie. Punkin has been known to be quite savage. AND she can relly give someone a beatin' on the blog.
I'll take the chance.

Someone please launch an "a" up to that post.

Chocolate shortage? I can see it now:

Dear and Honoured Sir:

In view of the coming chocolate shortage, now would be an excellent time to buy shares in a Nigerian chocolate mine. A limited number of shares has become available due to the tragic death of my uncle, Col. Mwesedi Mugugu, who drowned in a vat of the finest Nigerian chocolate. You are among a select few who shall be given this opportunity; an early reply would be appreciated.

If she wasn't faffing in the bedroom she wouldn't be experiencing the pressures of motherhood.

Posh is NOT a real woman. Rea women multi task. Often in high heels. Well not me specifically. I live in yoga pants and tank tops and am most often barefoot-but only because I don't know what faffing means.

*SNORK* @ Ernie G. Excellent!

Did anyone else see the add on the side of the page for "AdultFriendFinder.com World's best site to find a sex partner or swinger..." or something like that? I didn't click on it, tempting as it was. Just too weird.

"Faffing about in the closet" WBAGNFA... something. NTTAWWT

(LTTG - sorry)

"I multitask, planning outfits while I’m doing something else — getting ready for bed or taking a bath."

Could be how this happened. Posh added feeding the dog to planning outfits while taking a bath...

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