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October 20, 2006


It's a great big country.

Check out the specs on this baby.

(Also thanks to Claire Martin)

UPDATE (Via Gizmodo): The Bottom Buddy


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Holy crap! is RIGHT!!

mebbe I should say...Holy crapper!

oh and FIRST! @ # 2

I'm confused. Is this a crapper for elephant-Americans?

Siouxie, never use "#2" when blogging about a toilet that holds 2000 lbs., I was confused for a moment.

Who's gonna join me in the Great Claire Martin Hunt?

“Side Wings” to prevent pinching if your fat hangs over the side of the seat.

who needs lipo when you've got this?!

New Toilet for “Modern Americans” Holds Up to 2000 Pounds

Is that the new PC term for obese-like-people-who-eat-too-much-and-haven't-seen-their-feet-in-10-years?

The specs don't mention the drain pipe diameter. I would think this puppy needs to connect to 6" DWV pipe insted of the normal 4". Although it does only use 1.6 GpF, so maybe its got a 10" drain.

anything coming out of something sitting on that thing needs more flushing power than Low water Consumption (1.6 gpf / 6Lpf ) can put out


Another first for Texas... A crapper that size reminds me of when my cousin Bubba got killed while running with the bulls in Spain. The funeral director called up the U.S. Embassy and told them they had a Texan that was too big to fit any casket made in Europe. They gave him directions on what to do. He gave Bubba an enema and they buried him in a shoebox.

Of course, it probably uses a special-order seat replacement that is only available from the manufacturer for twice the cost of the toilet (me, skeptical? Never).

The new Bottom Buddy link there is really pretty disturbing.

Agreed, CH. Now they've got us so lazy we can't even wipe our own butts???

anything that looks like a probe ain't going near myanus...IFKWIM!

If you are so frikkin huge that you can't reach to wipe your own @ss, you do NOT need the Bottom Budy. You need to have your mouth sown shut so that you can only cram 1 jelly doughnut in there at any given time.

Who has the gumballs? Could I have one please?

sit on "Vitreous China"? sounds like an interesting foreign policy.

*Low-calorie gumball to Chris*

oops..that should be IYKWIM...

CH, not sure if I enjoy our simul whilst we're talking about toilets and anal probes...ickypoo

Nothing personal, of course ;)

And the Bottom Buddy comes from SuperSize World. No surprise there.

Eh? We were discussing gumballs and IYKWIM... which sounds like a reasonably fun combination. No anuses (ani?) in those comments.

Relax and enjoy, Siouxie. ;-)

the bottom buddy
did not want that mental shot
now i need the bleach

if i get that fat
i will kill myself with beer
and perhaps bourbon

if i cannot wipe
i will call in the mrs.
till death do us part

*Sacrilege Alert*

Oh, bountiful, hellacious thighs
Your ample buttocks' strain;
Your plumpers' mountainous travesties
O'erstress the porcelain

Americans, Americans
God shed our weight, oh please
And crown our thrones
With less draped bones
That we might see our knees

Relaxing Anus wbagnfa...uh..actually it wouldn't...

*butt puckers*

*takes gumball now*

*stands up proudly and claps @ Meanie*


I'm with Mud. The visual of some super-sized sh!tter sitting on one of those thrones, using the wings to keep their fat from hanging over the edges, well, uuuuurrrrp. Ooops, excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Part of me can't help but wonder if the bigger seat would be more comfortable than a normal toilet seat for anyone who's using it. It's certainly more throne-like than most toilets I know of.

The butt buddy product is weird, I'll agree. I'm more concerned about the price, though.

Oh great, a toilet that can hold the obese mass of our overweight, sedentary population. This will encourage these unhealthful behaviors I'm sure.

When I read that it holds up to 2000 lbs, I didnt realize it was talking about the seat. I thought it was talking about the bowl.

wow! i thought a butt buddy was something else entirely.....

I, at this moment, have never been prouder to be an American (well, not since the Clinton/cigar thing anyway).

*sniff, wipes tear from cheek, not that cheek*

I thought you said we were HOT Dave.... And now this?

why not just move the tv and computer into the toilet, then the lardasses wont have to move. in fact, how about one of those cute little fridges, too? talk about garbage in and garbage out. . . .

snork @ queensbee! Luv the garbage in, garbage out!

So many snorks, especially Meanie with the theme song. I was with Casey. I thought 2000# was capacity, not load-bearing, which was even scarier.

Us 'mericans may be fat [not me, I'm a flaco], but I remember having a discussion with my mom, during potty training days. We were in Spain and when she explained what I was supposed to do and where, I asked how that was possible, especially for our housekeeper, whose dimensions made that doubtful.

Way LTTG but that Bottom Buddy woulda been handy when I broke my shoulder. Geez, that was not a fun time!

The bottom buddy, eh? Reminds me of that Simpsons episode with Bart dreaming of being intentionally obese so he can work from home: "I wash mahself with a rag on a stick."

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