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October 17, 2006


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Snork at Dave...hummers. NO DOUBT!

I thought they'd drive Porchas.

That could explain a lot. I've always wanted to snicker at people driving Hummers anyway.

...or however you spell the cars I can't afford.

If somoeone's got a hummer already, isn't the size of their testicals kind of immaterial? Going to stop Right There.

Is it spelled Porche? Ya gotta wonder about someone who pays a lot for a fancy car when he could make a down payment on a house or something else that doesn't depreciate as soon as it gets out of the car lot.

CH, once again you wuz readin' my mind.

blurkie - I was reading your mind, too, but I fell asleep.

I'd be concerned if my testicles were large. Probably go see a doctor.

Previous work has shown that horn size is negatively correlated to other traits such as eye, wing and antennae size.

So much for the "men who have large feet..." insinuation.

Kristina, I think you have got it figured out. It ain't about depreciation, it is about deep-seeded insecurity that was brought about by getting a "switly" in 7th grade.

That should be "swirly", many apologies.

AWBH, I don't doubt that for a minute.
'Course what wuz you doin' trin' to get inside my head in the first place?

Seeing an article like this makes me really glad that I did not do well in science and instead chose the really important (and highly sought after) field of history. Who on God's green earth would wake up one day and say "Hey! I think I want to start looking at beetles' testicles??" Maybe if it was spelled Beatles, and I had a time machine back to the mid-'60s...
sorry, what? was that out loud?

Mare - Like in an episode of Arrested Development?

"The photos that Wayne Jarvis obtained finally made their way to the public, and thanks to the Patriot Act, have been seen by several branches of government."

"Wayne threatens Michael with the Iraqi photos, but Barry Zuckerkorn, seeing the photos for the first time, realizes that they are actually a close-up of balls."

*luvs blurkie a random 'switly'*

Ergo, bazoomage is inversely proportional to cranial capabilities, n'est ce pas?

Annie, not always.

Usually, but not always.

"Ergo, bazoomage is inversely proportional to cranial capabilities, n'est ce pas?"

Actually, if you wanna go ergoing it, I guess the inverse proportions would be between the woman's... umm, thorax appendage, and her ovaries, no?

I agree with MareBear. Scientists are weird people.

AWBH-Are you suggesting big bazoomage = less than brilliant? I personally take offense at this, and, as Punkin is a physicist, I will stand up for her, too.
Oh, and BOOGER!

MareBear - congrats - you understood what I was saying! You go, girl!

In other news, blurkie has signed up as a research assistant.

I'm not a scientist, but I think there must be a significant measurement error in trying to determine the size of beetle testicles. Is there a standardized implement for such work and, if so, why hasn't it been blogged yet?

AWBH--But I am brilliant! And busty! I guess there are exceptions to every rule. Does Blurk need to research me as the exception?

MareBear - blurkie fainted. He's never had anyone volunteer before.


huh...where am I?

Oh, that's right. I've got research to do.

Geez, Mike - that's all you ever talk about - beetle testicle this, beetle testicle that. Get a grip on yourself, man!

They laughed at Einstein, too. OK, admittedly it wasn't about beetle testicles, but still.

it was his hair.

Sorry Blurkie. I didn't mean for you to faint. Do you need any nurse-type assistance?

MareBear -it's quittin' time for blurkie. He's now nursing a beer.

So, look for a man with no nose?

I went and checked and my horns are remarkably small. *adjusts jeans*

Eeeeewwww.....thinking of new meaning for "beetle juice".....eeeeeeeew

Smallest testicled beetles are the horniest cause they aren't getting any female beetle action.

This reminds me of a recent scientific discovery that mouse testicles contain stem cells. This will be useful to those needing cloned mouse testicles in the future.

"Because of energetic constraints, you really can't be good at all things," says [Scott] Pitnick, who last year revealed a trade-off between relative brain and testes sizes in 300 different species of bat."

Seems to me that Scott Pitnick is being a bit nit-picky about this.

Sorry, that name was just calling out for someone to work "nit-picky" into the thread.

"Because of energetic constraints, you really can't be good at all things," says [Scott] Pitnick, who last year revealed a trade-off between relative brain and testes sizes in 300 different species of bat."
So what's Mr. Pitnick's trade-off? Scientist with bug obsession...hmmmm...I'm guessing he's not a snappy dresser.

Probably not, but maybe he's a dressy napper?

He probably brings his work home with him.

"What's in YOUR wallet?"

"female beetle action"
"dung beetle testicles"
"bug juice"

etc., etc. would all be a really sorry name for something... or an excerpt from a really bad menu.

...beetle testicle this...

The latest sequel starring Billy Crystal...

These beetles spend their day rolling dung balls around and they're still gettin' laid????

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