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October 24, 2006


The comments thing doesn't seem to be working. We have absolutely no idea what to do are working on this problem.

UPDATE: OK, apparently the way to fix the broken comments thing is to post an advisory that the comments thing is broken.


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Uh, Dave????

I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain!

...Wait...tap tap.....Is this thing on??

no comment.

Oh, sure, NOW it works. Sheesh.

Dang, cuz I was gonna be witty and stuff.

Maybe we just need to change the oil and rotate the comment's tires.

Oh, now the pressure's back on......

*guzzles coffee to stimulate synapses*

Dave-san: Some comments ON, some comments OFF.
Comments ON, Comments OFF

Now wax the floor.

Paint the house.

Paint the fence.

Ok - Comment for "Industrial Accident" thread -

"I hear the same thing happened to Tom Arnold when he was married to Roseanne!"


(Does that count as a FIRST?)

*Snork* @ DPC

Oh, and let it be known that I simuled w/ Dave.

And it was good.

In true male form, Dave takes credit for something he doesn't even fully understand.

That would have been even funnier if I had remembered to change my name for that post.

Is it working now????

Comment for Industrial Accident thread:

That bakery needs to get safer equipment. It's the yeast they could do.

Dave, glad to see you made it out of Atlanta!


(Oh, and could ya not get that yeast too close to me....it's a girl thing...)

Punkin' I simuled with Dave yesterday and it was...um...well...good isn't the right word but it WAS Dave so it was cool but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna run out and watch Brokeback or anything.

Trapped in a giant vat of beer, I can handle, eh? A giant pot of dough, not so much. This guy is such a hoser.

Take off, eh?

proxy post for Industrial Accident thread



10. Dave's bandwith isn't girthy enough.

9. I.T. guys busy surfing "Susan's" p0rn site.

8. Blurk said it needed killin'.

7. Dave pressed the red button.

6. Kim Jong Il test fired a nuclear blog at it.

5. Snakes in the wiring.

4. Jack Bauer shot it in the virtual thigh.

3. Does anyone REALLY know where Ted Happy-Grabber was earlier today?

2. Blog Goddess Judi initiated self-destruct sequence last night.

1. Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels....

*This comment intentionally left blank*

I swear it wasn't me, Punkin! I haven't shot anything since...well, okay I have but never the blog!

*snork* Chris!

Good deal, eh?? LOVED Bob & Doug

Premature, I hope.....

Immature, definitely.

Sioxie: How do you know Dave made it out of Atlanta...or MIAPCZ for that regard?

Shh - don't tell Dave about the GPS-spy device we've built into the Crap-Cam!!!

Andy, I was hoping he did...maybe wishful thinking?? Also, he doesn't seem as histerical stressed out...

*Snork @ meanie I'd never seen that site before.

I have a porn site?

When did I get that?

Sheesh. My life is more interesting than I realized.

You don't have to pretend with us, Susan. We're all friends here.

I tried to cover for you Susan...but well..I'm just not that GOOD at p0rn yet.

Susan: p0rn, not porn. There IS a difference. Sheesh! *rolls eyes*

*goes back to surfing Susan's p0rn site...*

Siouxie: You meant hysterical not histerical. Stop visiting Susan's site when you're typing. ;)

Punkin - your top ten list was your funniest post since... well... you know...

In true male form, Dave takes credit for something he doesn't even fully understand.

Posted by: Josh | 10:07 AM on October 24, 2006

yep, he is married...can't you tell?

on all those other threads, i claim "zero-th"!

insom, is that sorta like I don't think therefore I'm not?

I hate when my comment thing doesn't work.

its the NUMBER of comments that doesnt work...

well this works. so heres a comment on the dough headline......who knew dough was dangerous? do they tell you this on the cooking shows???

This is one of the first rules of computing: When you try and tell someone else about a problem you're seeing, the problem completely goes away. The problem with this is, if you try and do it on purpose to make the problem go away, that never works.

my bad...USUALLY its just the counter...this time its the whole comment thingy

Is the comment thingy still broken?Thought not.Who fixed it?No comment.

Alright, looks like it's working aglmnhgtrenxzswe.

geszuntheit (I think that's how to spell it)

If it's not then bless you.

Or if you're an athiest I hope you didn't get any on ya.

Mud - Thank you.

I hope the people responsible for the comment thingy have been sacked.


Puppytoes' comment was brought to you by the letter....

Computers are like cars. My car quits making "that noise" as soon as I get to the mechanic just like computers start working as soon as a tech walks into the room.

I thought it was Susan's pr0n site.

The people responsible for sacking the people responsible for the comment thingy have themselves been sacked.

I wanted to post something about "his brain is coming right along" in the Giant Vat of Dough tragedy, but lost the spontaneity.

How did jon get under the line? Hmmmm?

Blog limbo?

Personally, I think the guy's just loafing at this point.

Punkin: He didn't close his link, if you know what I mean.


It's all good, though. That clip had me *snorking* out loud. Go Red Shirts!!!

The comments for Claire Martin's whatever are still not working.

Is this significant?

*hopeful look*

Best line in the industrial accident item:
"his brain is coming right along."

That's what they said about me all through high school.

It's not just the comments but the Permalink is 404 as well.

The "industrial accident" article really has me wondering just what these men were doing with their (not they're) cell phones. Especially for four hours a day...

I had dozens...dozens of witty comments...

Now it works again and I have nothing...sigh....

Dave-san: Some comments ON, some comments OFF.
Comments ON, Comments OFF
Now wax the floor.

Paint the house.

Paint the fence.

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