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October 23, 2006


...to the Daily Barometer.

(Thanks to Dan Traylor, editor)


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And to think you didn't even start all this on purpose!

This story really gets around.


Y'know, because of Dr. Stuart, I think every newspaper in the US and a few in Canada have repeated that quote. It is probably the best known quote around now. Good going, Dr. Stuart.

"As Americans, we must always remember that we all have a common enemy, an enemy that is dangerous, powerful, and relentless. I refer, of course, to pompous philosophy professors."

Plus, he should probably start reading Dave Barry.

A pre-req (050) course should be "Acquiring a Sense of Humo(u)r". The syllabus I have says students in this class will follow the Rock Bottom Remainders on their next tour, watch old Jackie Gleason videos, and sit nekkid in a tub of cold Cool Whip.

So, have any of Professor South's correspondents heard back from him? I've heard not so much as a peep - I'm starting to get the feeling that he bitbucketed all messages sent to his e-mail address regarding his boneheaded move.

Any word from anywhere that he realizes how st00pid he looks?

wonder if Reagan's, "Government isn't the solution to the problem, it's the problem." comments are offensive to "professor" (little p intentional) South. Does it ever occur to him (as I've said before) that his narrow-minded, censorship attitude is offensive to us?


Of course not, Wyo. Because he knows that he's right and it's only incorrect opinions ("crimethink") that are offensive.

CH, George O. would be proud of you.

War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery
I Love Big Brother$$

I'm thinking that the prof is most likely hiding. He knows that not only was he WRONG, but that we are ridiculing him. I personally think it's great!!


I think that Dr. Stuart should be forced to post his comments here on this blog so we can then proceed to observe Punkin Poo tearing him apart.

Censorship can't be too much of a problem for this newspaper if they have a heading in the sidebar to the right stating "Talk Beaver football in the new Barometer message boards".


Beaver fans here. Don't be dissin them. Even though orange is one of the teams colors. I have pointed out before that this is a dismal color for football teams. Especially when combined with turquise.

Also: News Blog - Hardcore Beaver Fans wait for tickets


I am a proud Beaver fan, in spite of the fact that they quite frankly suck. 29 straight losing seasons, anyone? Not to mention all of the Beaver fans wearing orange, despite the fact the nobody in existence looks good in that color. Nobody. I mean this.

But I had to comment because hey, my college, my paper!

I agree that ol' Prof South needs to read Dave's work.

However, South will require Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired. Good thing Dave invented it.


Yes, there were a lot of losing seasons. Many of the, as you note, were in a row. Fortunately the program has turned around to an extent. That Fiesta Bowl in 2001 with Dennis Errickson at the help was a fun time.

Nowadays, I stand by the statement that the football program is 100 percent mediocre. Let's hear it for a medium-level bowl game! Go Beavs.

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