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September 25, 2006


Cynically exploitative contest PETA Protest

(Thanks to Danny Moore)


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PETA = People performing Extremely Trivial Actions

Cockroaches have feelings too!

I don't hear any complaints when I squish 'em with my shoe...

I keep replaying the scene from Men in Black where Will Smith crunches a roache under his shoe and says "Oh, I'm sorry, was that your Auntie??"

Cockroaches are "gentle, complex" vermin. Vermin, you maroons.

Not that I sympathize with PETA on many things, but don't they serve enough cockroaches in the foodstands at these places?

Siouxie - they feel crunchy when you squish them.

Ick ick ick ick ick. Already having nightmares about this idea. May never sleep again, in fact.

does it help if you vomit before getting on the coaster?

Madagascar roaches will say something when you touch them - it's hissssss- that's why they call them Madagascar hissing cockroaches...They are individuals, unlike the guys in your kitchen cabinets. They's also big , really big cockroaches...

Please! Gentle! The huge cockroaches here climb up on the wall only for the sole purpose of jumping off and flying at your head in attack! Those things also bite if you give them the chance. The only time they are gentle is when you've whacked them and they lay on the floor all twitchy and dying and look at you like, "Why? Oh, why? We could have been best friends." only to make you feel all guilty for smashing them! Eat away!

Carnivoresfight the evil organization.

PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

OK, i thought PETA protests involved hot women and nudity

where's the nudity?

they can't do without the nudity - it's the only reason most men paid any attention to em at all

When did it change back from the Malagasi Republic?

Most of the PETA gals I've seen have been kinda vegan-looking: scrawny and vaguely unhealthy, with pasty complexions. You know the sort - they look like they probably have thermonuclear farts.

isn't pamela anderson a peta girl?

And what makes you think that she doesn't have thermonuclear farts, crossgirl? I certainly wouldn't want to be downwind from her.

For that matter, I wouldn't want to be in the same room with her.

"they look like they probably have thermonuclear farts."

Right on, CH. They never mention those in their self-righteous, preachy literature. "Come, be like us, and you too can blow the stink off a garbage truck."

"We're here, we're queer, don't stand near our rear"

I love shopping at health-food stores (they have just the best ingredients... and you can always stop in at Wal*Mart for the turkey fryer), but I always endeavor to head the other direction when one of these specimens appears...

Presumably, Six Flags will also be handing out complimentary, themed barf

Raiders of the Lost Barf? Barfaroo Banzai?

I enjoy a cockroach on PETA as much as the next guy.

*snork* @ Clem.

Allow me to humbly suggest that we all send some of these gentle, complex animals to our nearest PETA representative. Postage due.

did the Six Flag spokesman (James Taylor) break out in song? Something like "Fire and (lack of ) brain"?

*snork* at "She said nothing will squash it now."

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